Chapter 14

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* Kathleen *

Paul and I were out taking a walk . A few days had passed and we were actually getting used to eachother . At the same time , I couldn't help but think of Jacob's kiss in the back of my mind . I sighed , looking down at our intertwined hands . 

" Are you okay ?" Paul asked me .

I nodded .
" I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be ? " I asked rthyorically . 

" You just seem .... distant . " he said .

I shrugged . 
" Just thinking. " 

He shook his head . 
" Alright, then . " he muttered.

I nodded as we coutinued to walk . Danica had been right . Charlie was planning a summer party/cookout  and it was tomarrow . Everyone from La Push was invited .  I guess Danica and Bella were pretty excited . Me , on the other hand , was not to thrilled about being bombarded between Jacob and Paul. Maybe I could hang out with Seth or something . Who knows ? Paul walked me home and kissed me on the lips . 
" I'll be back to pick you up for dinner later . " he said with a smile .

I nodded and walked inside to see Danica and Bella chattering together nicely . I walked passed them , but Danny stopped me . 
" Where are you going in such a hurry ? " she asked .

" I have to go get ready . Paul and I are going to dinner . " I said , making my upstairs as I started to get pretty . 

I didn't spend alot of time to get pretty often , so when I did , it was kind of a big deal .

* Paul *

I was walking back from dropping Kate off and ran into a furious Jacob . 
"  I've been looking for you , Lahote . " he growled .

I wasn't going to dare tell him I'd been avoiding him . 

" I've been busy . " I said , casually .

He snarled and I saw him clench his fists . 
" What are you doing with Kathy ? You know you're La Push's biggest player . " he accused .

It was true . I'd been quiete the player , but there was something different about Kathleen . 

" Kathleen is different . " I said , deffensively , losing my temper . 

" Liar ! Why couldn't you just leave her alone Paul ?! " he growled . 

I narrowed my eyes . 
" I don't think that really matters now , does it . "

 " I swear if you hurt her , Paul .... " he said, trailing off with raging anger .

I laughed , mocking him . 
" I couldn't hurt her anymore then you did ! "

Jacob growled and ran i midair , phasing into a russett wolf , pinning me down . I pushed him off of me and phased into my grey wolf and we went at it , ripping at eachother's flesh until we heard Sam's voice and we felt him pull us apart . We both returned to our human form . 

" What's going on ?! " Sam yelled at us , clearly enraged .
" Ask Jacob ! " Paul snarled .

They both looked at me and I pushed passed them , ramming my shoulder into Paul's as I phased back into my wolf form and ran off through the woods .

* Kathleen *

I walked downstairs in a red dress with my hair in curls .  Bella and Danny had gone out for pizza since I was going to be going out anyways and so I sat there alone on the couch , waiting for Paul . I  watched as the clock just kept ticking and then it was 15 minitues past when he was supposed to have come to pick me up .After 35 minitues , I decided to walk to La Push myself to see just what had kept him . And so I did , crossing my arms as I walked down to La Push . I came to Paul's house right across the street from Sam and Emily's and saw the light on . I knocked , but there was no answer. I knew that someone was home and I knew that it was Paul and since he didn't answer the door , I wanted to make sure he'd be okay . I pulled the door open and crept in quietly . 

" Paul , are you oka---- " I cut myself off , seeing him making out with a girl on the couch .

They pulled back and I felt something in my throat . I couldn't react .
" Oh my God . Kathy ! " Paul said , jumping up .

" So this is the girl you guys have been talking about . " the girl smirked, looking me over .
" Shut up , Leah ! " Paul growled , but I barely heard it , for I was already out the door and running down the street towards Charlie's.

My dress fanned out around me as I ran and my perfect curls were now lose waves as the look I'd spent so long on , slowly started to unravel . Someone grabbed my arm . 

" Kathleen ! Wait ! " Paul said , holding onto my arm .

I snatched my arm away from him , anger all over my face .
" Don't touch me ! " I yelled .

He pulled his hand back and scratched the back of his head .
" I-I'm sorry . " he whispered .

" No you aren't ! FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE , DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY ! OWN UP TO IT ! " I yelled and then Embry, Seth , Quil and Jared ran up , standing back watching Paul and I .

" What are you doing here ?" Paul asked .

" We heard the yelling . " Jared said grimly .

I walked over and slapped Paul across the face .He rubbed his face and didn't say anything more as I turned around , my eyes watery . 
" Are you okay ? " Seth asked sadly .

" NO ! " I yelled , walking back to Charlie's .

* Seth *

I felt really bad about Kathy . I knew that Paul obviously did something to hurt her and not only was I going to raise hell for it , I knew that Jacob would to . Jacob didn't stop to say anything to us , only ran past us all trying to catch up with Kathleen . Paul was about to do the same when Embry grabbed his shoulder and shook his head . 

" Let it go . " he said .

Jared glared at Paul . 
" I think you've done enough , Paul . "

" What the hell is wrong with you , PAUL ?! " I demanded .

* Kathleen *

I was walking home when I tripped and nearly fell in my high heels . I was deeply lacking in the high heel grace . Right before I fell on my face , a hand shot out and caught me . I looked up , blinking back the few tears in my eyes to see Jacob . I pulled out of his arms and looked away from him . He gently grabbed my chin and made me look at him . 

" Don't tell me that you're alright . " he said .

I shook my head , my hard mask caving in on me . Jacob was ready fot it and pulled me into his arms , hugging me tightly , just holding me in the middle of the street . 

" I'll kick his ass . " he said , still holding onto me . 

I didn't care . I barely heard him . I just put my head on his chest , wanting to feel better .

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