Chapter 15

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* Kathleen *

Yesterday , Jacob walked me home and offered to stay with me , but I declined , saying I just wanted some time alone . Today was the small party Charlie was having and I was sitting in my room , laying on my bed dressed in short jeans with a beaded pale pink tank top , and flip flops .I left my straight hair down , really not feeling up to doing much with it . Danica walked in wearing capris and a button up green shirt with her hair down as well , her only accessory was a matching headband , keeping her side bangs out of her face .

" I don't want to go down there . " I said , looking around at my bed spread out with books I'd been reading , trying to get my mind off of what happened . 

It wasn't so much about my feeling for Paul , it was the fact that I was just starting to trust him , and like everyone else , he turned his back on me . It felt as if I wasn't good enough for him . I just wasn't good enough for him . I sighed , running a hand through my straight hair . 

" You don't HAVE to go down there , but it would make Charlie happy . "  Danica said , leaning against my doorway .

I rolled my eyes . 
" I'm just fine wallowing in self pity up here by myself ." I muttered .

She sighed and nodded , knowing she would probably not get anywhere with me .
" I'll bring you a plate up if anything is good . " she said, closing the door behind her .

" Thank you !" I called behind her .

Once she was gone , I looked down at the bed and the books and put my head in my hands .I picked up my favorite copy of "Wuthering Hieghts " that I've had since the 6th grade and flipped through the pages , but I didn't seem to get past the copyrights when I saw something that caught my eye .

 Nobody ever truly cares . Nobody . No matter what they say or what they do , nobody truly cares about you and everyone is replaceable  was scrawled into the first page in a neat hand writing . It was my own hand writing and I wrote it the first night I realized that my life had fallen apart before my eyes. The night when my fairytale life had ended . The night I prayed I would make it until morning .

I was pulled from my thoughts when there  was a knock on the door . 

" Go away . " I said with a sigh , leaning back against my bedboard .

The door creaked open and I saw Jacob with a small bouquet of flowers . 

" Danny told me you were up here. " he said , walking over , sitting on the edge of the bed as he handed me white roses .

" Thanks . " I said , smelling them . 
I couldn't remember the last time anyone had done something like that for me . 

He smiled ,seeing me smelling them and layed back , putting his hands behind his head , leaning against the back board of my bed , opposite of me , across from me , staring at me . 

" What are you doing up here ? " I asked .

He shrugged .
" It was no fun down there without you . " he said , making me laugh .

He smiled wider, seeing me laugh and then looked down , shaking his head .
" Still thinking about Paul ? He's an ass . " Jacob said , rolling his eyes .

" Nope . I wasn't thinking about Paul in fact , I don't think I was ever really mad about him cheating on me . I'd have to care to be mad . But I wasn't . " I explained , randomly motioning with my hands . 

Jacob cocked an eyebrow . 
" You didn't care ? " he asked .

I shrugged.

" No , not really. It was pretty much just the idea that I'd just started to trust someone and he betrayed me . That's why I just .... I only trust 2 people . My mother and Danica . Everyone else has let me down . "  

Jacob sighed . 
" You're so torn inside . " he said .

I looked up at him , surprised he'd even say it . I then looked down at my hands folded on my lap and nodded .
" I know . " I said .

" I can't change the past , but I can change the future . If you'd let me . " he said .

I looked at him and blinked , really not wanting to be involved with anyone else .

" Walk with me . " he said , getting up and extending a hand to me .

I took his hand and he gently lead me downstairs and out the glass door , pushing past the eyes of Danica , Quil , Embry , Seth , Jared , and .... Paul . Jacob wrapped an arm around my waist and lead me past them and away from the Swan house as we ran into the edge of the woods .

" Where are we going ? " I asked with a giggle .

Jacob smiled and put a hand to his lips . 
" Shhh . " he said , leading me through the woods .

We came to what seemed to be the more private edge of First Beach at La Push . Jacob smiled and I looked around , seeing nobody on the white sandy beach . The water was darker in Washington, but still beautiful . He gently led me over to the water and then slid his shirt off . 

" Come on . " he said with a smirk .

I looked down at my jeans and my beautiful beaded top . 

" I don't even have a bathing suit . " I protested .

He rolled his eyes and tossed me a bathing suit .

" How did you .... " I trailed off confused .

He chuckled . 
" Might've asked Danica to grab one so we could go for a swim . " he said . 

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the bikkinni Danny had grabbed and ran behind a tree , peeking out to see Jacob . 
" Turn around , will you ?! " I said , rolling my eyes .

He laughed and  clamped his hand over his eyes , turning away from me so that his back was facing me . 
" Stranger danger . " I muttered , quickly changing into my bathing suit, thankful that nobody was araound .

Once I was changed , I walked over and waded into the water beside Jacob . 
" You're all clear . " I laughed and he unclamped his hand from his eyes and looked at me with a smile .

" You're so beautiful . " he said .

 I shook my head, ignoring that comment .

" Hey , it's tru---- " I cut him off by splashing him .

Jacob coughed on salt water and smirked , tackling me in the water . I laughed and screamed as he dunked me under . I came back up , and jumped on his back, this time , pulling him down with me . We came back up and he laughed and then paused , looking at me with a smile .

" What ? " I asked . 

" I'm just .... I'm really glad I met you . " he said .

I smiled . Just then , we both leaned in and kissed . He slid my arms around his neck and I pulled myself closer to him , kissing him as he kissed me and wrapped his arms around my waist . We pulled back and and then Jacob closed his eyes , brushing his lips up against mine again . 

----- Alright , for all of you Paul haters out there , this was a pretty good chapter for you . Sorry there isn't any action yet , but since I wrote this story AWHILE ago , it's pretty long . I promise though, that there will be a TON of drama ----


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