Chapter 26

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First Day Of School ~ September 

* Kathleen *

It was my first day back to school . I wasn't to excited about it . Oh , who was I kidding ? I dreaded this day . I hated school. It would mean being seperated from James and Kendal,but most importantly , being seperated from Alek . A whole day without them . We were all really close now . Best friends . They knew me better then just about anyone . Danica had been hanging around Morgan Levette , our other middle school friend.  They've known eachother longer anyway.  I grumbled , sliding out of bed despite my inner protests and changed into some skinny jeans , a grey v neck sweater that hugged my torso and grabbed a leather jacket . Sliding on my sunglasses to shield my eyes from the morning sun , I walked downstairs ,and once again my mother was already at work . She left me a note, wishing me a good day .

" Yeah right . " I said , sarcastically .

There was a honk outside my door . Usually Danica and I would walk together ,but this morning a red convertible was parked by the curb with Alek leaning against it with his arms folded over his chest and James and Kendal in the back .

" No way ! No way ! No way!  " I said , grabbing my bag as I ran over and pulled him into a tight hug . 
" We don't want to be late for our first day . " Alek smirked .

" Y-You're .... AHHH ! YES ! " I said , hugging him again , tighter .

Alek was about 18 and my 16th birthday was coming up in a few weeks .  I assumed Jacob and Alek were around the same age and if not , Jacob was probably younger then him by a year. Not that I cared . 

" Morning , beautiful . " Kendal said with a wink from the back.

I smiled and waved . 
" Hi , Kendal . "

" You look great . " James complimented .

" Thanks ! Hey , James ! " I said , excitedly throwing my bag in the convertible .

I noticed I got to sit in the passenger seat .Alek caught me looking at the passenger seat from the driver's seat and laughed .

" I had to demote Kendal to the back . " he smirked.

Kendal made a " pffft " sound and crossed his arms . I laughed and fastened my seatbelt over my waist as Alek pulled away from the curb and onto the road , not caring about the speed limit .

* Danica *

I hated school . I hated it so much and it was going to be really awkward since Kathleen and I haven't been talking as much . I was thankful that Alek wouldn't be coming to school because maybe just maybe we could rekinddle our friendship without him getting in the way . Don't get me wrong , he seemed nice , but they were ALWAYS together . It's no exageration. Morgan and I were walking to school when we saw a flashy and expensive red convertible fly by the road with ....Kathy and Alek . Of course .

" Who was THAT ? " Morgan asked , pulling her sunglasses down on her nose to get a better look . 

Morgan hadn't been back  2 weeks from South Carolina so of course she wouldn't know who Alek was and how much time he was taking from Kathleen .

" Alek Aristov . " I muttered darkly .

" How come I haven't met HIM before . " she said with a giggle .

" That would be because he's chained to Kathleen's side ." I hissed . 
" Oh  ! Are they like ... together ? " Morgan asked , wanting the gossip .

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