Chapter 45

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* Kathleen *

I woke up in the tent with Bella and Jacob . Damn . Hope we didn't have a threesome or something . Wouldn't that be awkward ...

" Awkward . " I muttered , getting out of the tent to see Edward . 

" Morning. " he said .

" Don't remind me . " I muttered .

" So ... you and Jacob, huh ? " he asked , shoving his hands in his pocket .

" We're gonna talk about boys , Eddy ? " I asked , crossing my arms .

" Guess not . " He said awkwardly .

I rolled my eyes and saw the sandy wolf that I knew to be Seth Clearwater .

" Morning, Sethy . Good time with Beth ? " I asked , crossing my arms . 

The sandy wolf wagged his tail and licked me. 

" Stop that . " I said , cringing as I wipped my hand on my jeans .

The ground was covered in snow and it was still snowing a little . A few moments later , Bella and Jacob left the tent and came down to Edward and I . 

" We didn't have a threesome , did we ? " I asked , cocking an eyebrow .

Edward and Jacob's jaws dropped like that would be the last thing they'd expect to leave my mouth . I put my hands up in surrender . 

" KATHLEEN ! " Bella gasped .

I shrugged .

" Just checking. " I muttered . 

" Kathleen , Seth wants to know if you could help him find something that he lost when he phased . " Edward translated .

I looked down at Seth and nodded . 

" Sure. Come on , Seth . " I said , rubbing him behind his ear .

He let out a howl and licked me again .

" Easy boy. Come on. " I muttered , walking off with him through the trees .

* Bella *

I watched Kathy walk off with Seth and all I could think about was Jacob and the tent and all the time we'd spent together . I was very happy that Edward couldn't read my mind at that moment because all I could think about was Jacob. After a few minitues , Edward started walking off in the direction Kathy and Seth had taken .

" I better go make sure they're alright . " he said , dissapearing .

I looked at Jacob and we were quiete for a moment .

" Well , I better get going . The fighting is going to be starting soon . " he said, shoving his hands in his pockets . 

I looked down . 

" You're going to fight ? " I asked .

I'd wanted Jacob not to fight like I'd convinced Edward not to fight .

I was worried about it and I didn't want them to get hurt . Either of them . I loved them .

" Yeah . " he said .

" Y-You can't . " I protested .

He looked at me surprised .

" Goodbye , Bella . " he said and without another word he started walking down towards the fighting .

It was then that I wasn't thinking and whirled Jacob around and into a kiss, holding his hair tightly , keeping him there. He wrapped his arms around my waist after a moment and kissed me back . When we pulled back , I felt eyes on us and I turned to see Kathleen standing there teary - eyed .I knew she'd seen the whole thing . 

* Kathleen *

I can't beleive what I just saw . I'd just watched Bella and Jacob practically make out . 

" Kathy ! " Jacob said in shock, about to run over and pull me into a hug . 

I shook my head , letting the tears fall .

" Don't touch me ! " I screamed and took off running through the woods . 

I pushed passed a stiff Edward and through the snow , running so fast that I didn't even pay attention to where I was going . Since everything was covered in snow, I tripped because I couldn't see a fallen tree and slid down the hill and landed on a thick patch of ice . I felt like I was on fire from the pain and moved my hand to the back of my head , feeling something sticky . Blood .

* Bella *

" Kathleen ! " I called  , but my cousin was already gone .

I knew Edward had heard it all and he looked down , hurt . 

" Edward . " I whispered .

He shook his head.

" It's not important right now . We need to find Kathleen before something happens to her . " he said quietly .

* Kathleen *

I tried to move ,but it felt as if every bone in my body was shattered . I could tell I'd lost alot of blood and I was cold. I reached my arm out despite the pain and tried to crawl off of the hard ice , but I couldn't  . I just laid there . Until I heard a snicker . 

" And here I thought I'd need to fight a few Cullens. " said a female voice .

I looked up to see a woman with firey red hair and a blonde boy .I knew just from the description I'd been told , that the red head was Victoria. She walked over and nudged me with her boot . 

" I guess they stopped caring about this one . " she countinued.

She reached down so that she was eye level with me.

" You're the reason my friend is dead . " she hissed and picked me up, throwing me into a tree .

I screamed out in pain and clutched my ribcage and my torso . She got up and threw me again , this time back on the ice . Victoria reached down and picked me up and was just about to sink her fangs into me when a deep ginger wolf attacked her , pulling her off of me . It was a wolf I didn't recignize . I felt myself slowly fade and black out . 

" Riley ! Crack the ice ! Quick ! " Victoria screamed and so Riley did , punching in the ice so that the small lake started to crack and I felt myself slipping through the ice .

Just then , a Sandy wolf joined the ginger wolf and attacked Riley . I started to go numb as I finally lost the fight and blacked out , but not before I looked at the ginger wolf and noticed something. The eyes . They were fimiliar . It was ..... Danica .

* Danica * 

I saw the ice break and saw Kathleen fall through . She'd freeze or dround . I went to get to her and Victoria snapped my paw . I howled in pain , but shoved her back and limped over quickly to the ice where Kathleen had fallen in and reached my good paw in and grabbed her out , dragging her to shore . It was then that Edward, Bella, and Jacob came running . I knew by reading Seth's minds in wolf form what Jacob had done and as soon as Victoria was dead , I lunged at Jacob , tearing at his fur in anger . 

" You could have killed her ! " I sent in my mind .

" Danny ! " Seth protested, still as a sandy wolf . 

" I-I didn't mean it ! " Jacob screamed . 

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