Chapter 48

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  • Dedicated to All the best friends out there :D

* Danica *

I left this morning to meet up with Embry . Kathleen had been snoring like a chain saw when I left . The only reason I'm leaving is because it was Embry that asked and he said he had something important to say . I was glad Kathleen blew Jacob off. I knew she would need a friend and I was there . I was there when nobody else would be there for her . I got to Emily's and saw the guys there . I looked around for Embry ,but instead saw Jacob looking at me sadly. I channeled my inner Kathy and narrowed my eyes at him. 
" Where's Embry ? " I asked ,looking around the room .
" He'll be back in a second ." Jared said with a sigh .

I crossed my arms and leaned in the doorway watching all of them .
" Danica are you okay ? " Emily finally asked .

" I'm just fine. Which is more then I can say for my best friend . Maybe you heard . She got run over by a runaway ice cream delivery truck . " I snapped , storming out just as Embry walked in . 

" Danny , I was just about to come find you . "he said .

I didn't stop , just walked out . Embry followed me and grabbed my hand gently . 
" What's wrong ? Is it Jacob ? " he asked , worried .
" I just .... I almost lost my best friend. " I said , shaking my head .

He pulled me into a hug .
" But you didn't . She's going to recover . "

" THIS time . What about NEXT time ? " I demanded.

He just held me tightly and then squeezed my hand gently . 

" Come on . " he said , gently pulling me on the path through the trees .

I looked down at the road covered in leaves with trees shading it on either side . It was a beautiful road there in La Push . It was the road I'd first met Embry on , but it was now peaceful and deserted.

" Danica , I know this is going to be .... very crazy and very wierd , but hear me out , okay ? " he asked .

I nodded and looked down at our hands .

" Danica , I love you. You know that I do . You're my imprint . I would do anything for you and so I brought you here to the place that we met to ask you to spend your life with me . If you'll have me . I know we're really young and I'm not asking to marry you now , just .... one day . One day when we're both ready and you're ready to be with me . " he said , running a hand through his hair shyly .

I couldn't believe what I was hearing . 
" Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! " I said , hugging him tightly .

He chuckled and pulled back and we kissed . I wrapped my arms around him, not wanting to let him go .

" Here . Then this is yours . " he said , sliding a beautiful Emerald and gold ring onto my finger .

" How did you know that green was my favorite color ? " I asked him surprised .
" Lucky guess . " he chuckled and we kissed again .

I could see my future with Embry and it would be bright . I'd gotten that one person to care about me . To love me endlessly and that was all I could ask for. But now I had a job to do . And that was to help Kathleen . I still hadn't explained to her how I was a werewolf . I still hadn't explained to her that there was Native American in my blood and that was how I could transform into a wolf . Or that it was triggered by that crazy burst in my temper when I saw my friend in danger . 

---- Short chapter , I know but Danny's engaged ! Isn't that lovely ?! ------

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