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His Hand Pick | ✔️ by _Vexx_
His Hand Pick | ✔️by Vex
'"You can't just keep ignoring me you know," he said as I turned around and continued walking, ignoring him. Quickly he caught up to me and grabbed my shoulder...
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His To Bully by callmeshrimp
His To Bullyby callmeshrimp
"L-leave me a-alone Hunter" I stuttered out painfully, while trying to put my last suitcase in the trunk. Hunter merely glared at me, while pushing harder agai...
  • infatuation
  • jealous
  • alpha
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Lafayette x Washington by xchosenxelitax
Lafayette x Washingtonby Tap Tap The Ships Are Sailing
Washington stiffened as he felt Lafayette rest his hand on his back, his heart skipping a beat and his breathing quickening. They are all in their late teens and early t...
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The Sweet Little Omega by Purple_Ghost_1782
The Sweet Little Omegaby Dear Boy
Everyone loves John Laurens, they love what they see. They love the freckles and the silky curls. They love the eyes and the lips. They love the subtle curves and the ey...
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Hamilton one shots | ✓ by feelin-blue
Hamilton one shots | ✓by 💙
BOOK IS COMPLETE ❝I'm tired mentally, physically, and emotionally.❞ -'Uncle Jeffie' (Lafayette x OC) @Pinkberry-anon ❝WHAT IN MAGENTA HEAVEN HAPPENED HERE?!❞ -'Sorry Abo...
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Someday, Someday You'll Blow Us All Away -Hamilton Parent Scenarios by Apollos_Huntress
Someday, Someday You'll Blow Us Al...by Artemis
(UNDER EDITING) Just average Parent Scenario Book but you know with Hamilton characters. This book covers scenarios with: Alejandro Hamsandwich The color Burrple The...
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  • jamesmadison
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Forever yours••hamilton by SunflowerPoppy
Forever yours••hamiltonby SunflowerPoppy
21 year old Annette Washington. Daughter of the general himself, went to go fight in the war as a spy. Things turn from good to worse. In the midst of battle, she did no...
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Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios {*~Modern~*} by xXDerpyPepsiXx
Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios {*~Mo...by xXDerpyPepsiXx
Yeah. This author has no life and is bored, let's see what we get outta this...
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Mon Petite Lionne | Lafayette Fanfiction✔️ by feelin-blue
Mon Petite Lionne | Lafayette Fanf...by 💙
Under construction 1k reads✔️ 10k reads✔️ 20k reads✔️ 30k reads ✔️ 40k reads ✔️ 50k reads ◻️ I don't own the Hamilton cast it rightful belongs to the genius Lin-Manuel M...
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Josh Washington x Reader by whoyougonnacall123
Josh Washington x Readerby Unknown
"Y/n please don't leave me. I don't think I can take another person leaving me" "I would never in my wildest dream leave your side. I will always be here...
  • dawn
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Red vs Blue Randomness by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Red vs Blue Randomnessby Agent Alaska
[COMPLETED] Title says it all. Memes, pics, quotes, epic pics, yea a bunch of pics.. Found most of the stuff on Pinterest and Google. Highest Ranking: #329 in Humor
  • tucker
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  • redvsblue
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Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
  • queen
  • running
  • love
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Superior by starlightt
Superiorby Daven
Delaney Escott lives in a world where popularity reigns supreme. If you want to be noticed, social status is everything. The government is run by the Superiors: a very e...
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NHL imagines (requests closed) (3-18-18)(#wattys2017) by ElliceMacGillivary
NHL imagines (requests closed) (3...by That_Scottish_kid_96
Any player Most scenarios Also post them all on my tumbler. Table of contents: 1) how to request+ prompt ideas. 2)extra prompt ideas. 3)Alex Galchenyuk 4)Tom Wilson 5)JV...
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Dear Pen Pal (Lams) by connormurphys
Dear Pen Pal (Lams)by -j
(High school AU) "Alright class. Today we will be doing something called pen pals. You'll be writing to the students from Princeton high school." Mr Washington...
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Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: An American Musical  by hamilton_stories
Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: An...by hamilton_stories
You wished to meet the characters of Hamilton but you never expected them to turn up at the theatre with you. Join them as they learn about their legacy and venture out...
  • hamiltontrash
  • andpeggy
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One Night Only |NY•4 ✅  by JessicaMorel0
One Night Only |NY•4 ✅ by Jess M.
HIGHEST RANK #171 in ROMANCE (1/1/18) Callum Valentino was born into a life of privilege. He is smart and had his choice of careers. After much debate he chose medicine...
  • jacobs
  • wattys2018
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Little Swan by white_black_cat
Little Swanby white_black_cat
When Bella moved in with Charlie she left behind someome who was important to her. When five-year-old Hailey is sent to Forks, Washington, her sister was in a big proble...
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