Chapter 1

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* Kathleen *

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear . Groaning , I slid my pillow over my head . I wasn't in the mood to get up . In fact , I wasn't in the mood for much now-a-days . I just wanted to hang around the house and listen to music . It was what got me through the day . My life has never been normal , but lately , it's just been spiraling out of control and there's nothing I can do . I hadn't been out of bed 5 minitues before my phone rang . Picking it up as I walked back over and sat on the edge of the window seat overlooking the driveway , I looked down at the caller I.D : Danica West . 

" Hello ? "

" Kathy ? " asked my friend's voice from the other end even though I was sure she knew it was me .
" The one and only . What's up ? " I asked her with a sigh .
" Weekend with dad . This isn't exactly how I wanted to spend my summer . Working at the resturant and being pulled back and forth between parents . Speaking of , shouldn't you be packing ? " she asked .

I'd known Danica for awhile and I knew that her parents caused her alot of trouble even though they divorced years ago . That's one of the reasons why Danica and I got along so well . We both had crazy home lives . 

" Dammit ! " I said , when she mentioned packing . 
" I don't really want to go to Forks . " I whined .

She laughed .
" At least you get a break from .... life . " she said .

I got an idea .
" Come with me then . " I said

" To FORKS ?! " she asked .

I shrugged ,not caring that she couldn't see me .
" Why not ? " I asked .

She laughed again .
" Do you think your mom or your relatives would mind ? "

" Not really . My Uncle is chief of police  and so he's not really home . My mom isn't going to be there and I can't imagine causing trouble without someone trying to keep me out of it . It's no fun . " I said , looking at my nails as I talked .

" Let me ask my mom . I'll be back . " she said happily as she put the phone down and went to ask her mom .

I took this time to ask my own mother . I cracked the door and slid downstairs . 
" Mom ? " I asked as I skidded across the floor in my furry slippers .
" Hmm ? " she asked , looking up from her computer .

Even when my mother was home , she was still working .
" Can Danny go with me to Forks ? " I asked .
" But you're leaving today ! " my mother said , rolling her eyes .

" I know .She can be ready . Just nod . " I said sarcastically .

She sighed .
" What did her parents say ? " she asked .

I put my finger up and put the phone back up to my ear .

" Danny ? " I asked .

" They said yes ! " she said excitedly.

I laughed and nodded to my mom . She gave me the okay and I made my way back up to my room , pulling out my big suitcase . I was flying across the continental United States of America from Baltimore-Washington International Airport ( BWI ) to my destination of Forks , Washington to go stay with my Uncle ,  Charlie and my cousin , Isabella . The reason for this was simply because I'd never met them and because my mom felt bad about her work taking up most of her time . Pathetic . I really wasn't excited about this . I just wanted to stay home by myself , but I couldn't because one way or another , I'd lose my temper on account of my father and his stupidity . 

" You can do this . This might be good for you . " I muttered to myself as I finished packing and walked downstairs just as Mrs.Wests's car pulled out of the driveway and there was a knock on the door . It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that it would be Danica . 

She stood there with a HUGE bag . 
" Where the hell do you think they'll put that thing ? You'll never get that through security ! When was the last time you flew ? " I asked, laughing .

Danica cleared her throat .
" When I was ....3 . " she said .

I rolled my eyes.

" Come on . " I said as we walked back into the kitchen . 

 My mom had just finished logging off of her computer and slid her glasses off , walking over to us . 
" Are you girls ready ? " she asked us .

Danny nodded and I just glared at the floor . She sighed .
" Let's go . Kathy , stop pouting . " she said as we walked out to the car .

" Kathy stop pouting . " I said , mimicking her voice .

Danica rolled her eyes as I slid into the front seat of my mom's Toyota Landcruiser . The whole ride , I tuned out my mother's and Danica's chat and looked out the window , sliding my headphones in . We got to the airport and my mother hugged Danny and then hugged me tightly , kissing me on the cheek . 
" Your uncle was so excited to see you . Wear sunscreen ! Behave ! I love you ! " she said .

I sighed .
" Forks is the rainest place in America , mom . " I said with a wave as I grabbed my bag and Danica's arm , leading her through security and then down to our gate .

I'd been in alot of airports . My dad worked there and I'd just gotten used to them . Practically everyone knew me there since BWI was the aiport that my father based out of . We boarded and took our seats on the plane .

" Are you excited ? " Danny asked me , as I ignored the safety procedures .
" Not really . " I said , still ignoring everything .
" Kathy , maybe this will be ---- " I cut her off .
" Don't say this will be good for me , Danny . Don't you dare say it . " I hissed as I slid my headphones in and looked out the window .

" Someone is just cranky because they had to get up when the sun was still in the sky . " Danny said , rolling her eyes . 

I woke up using Danny as a pillow and looked up just in time to hear the announcemt . 

" Thank you for flying with us and  we hope that next time you chose air travel , you'll chose us as well . Welcome to Seattle and your current time is 5:30 p.m . " 

I sighed , running a hand through my thick dark hair as we all un fastened our seat belts and then got off the plane . I looked around and didn't see anyone . 
" Just great . I've never even met them ! "

"  Calm down ! You just need to breathe ! Come on ! Breathe ! " Danny said calmly .

" Kathleen Swan ? " said a deep voice . 

I turned around to see a man with grey hair in a police uniform with a girl that looked a little like me . They gave me small smiles and made thier way over to us. 

" You must be Kathy . " the man said . 

I nodded . 
" That's me . You must be Uncle Charlie . "

He nodded and pulled me into an awkard hug .

" This is my friend , Danica . " I said , introducing Danny .

Next I was hugged by my cousin .
" We look sorta similiar . I'm Bella . It will be cool showing you around . " she said .

I nodded .
 " Awesome . "

" Alright , should we get home ? There's a long ride ahead of us . " Charlie said .

Bella paused .
" Actually , I wanted to see if Kathleen wanted to meet Edward . I mentioned that she would be coming and he was intrugued ." she said .

Charlie sighed .
" Oh . Great . " he said sarcastically .

I looked over at Danny .
" Go ahead . I'm normal . I sleep at night . You don't . " she said , laughing .

I nudged her playfully and then grabbed my bags , following Bella out to her old red truck . Little did I know what I was in for ........

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