Chapter 35

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* Kathleen *

I couldn't really explain the way I was feeling  . Devestated . Hurt . Betrayed . Angry . He knew . He knew why I'd pushed everyone away . He knew why I cried into my pillow at night . He knew why I never told anyone . I wasn't quiete aware of when Jacob Black left that night . I was to busy trying to think of my ruined life . The next morning , I woke up to a knock on my door . 
" Go away ! I hate everyone and I hope you all die in a nuclear explosion . " I hissed .

The door creaked open and in walked Danica .
" Someone's here to see you . " she said , pretty excitedly .
I looked at her like she was crazy and she just shrugged .
" Tell them I told them to go die in a nuclear explosion . " I said with a sigh , pulling the covers over my head .

She sighed .
" Come on ! It's time for you to face the world ! Where's the fighter ? The untameable? Where's the champion . The invincible Kathleen Swan ?! " she said , trying to pep talk me .

I rolled my eyes . 
" Dead . She's been dead a long time . I'm just an impersonator . "  

" Hell no ! Don't you give up on my Kathleen ! Get your ass up before I MAKE you get up . " she said , putting her hands on her hips .

I growled , and slid out of bed in my pajamas and crossed my arms . 
" Now make yourself presentable ! Now ! Get your ass to you closet . NOW ! " she demanded once again .

I glared at her as she left the room and changed into jeans , slipper boots , and a tank top , not caring who was here to see me . I walked downstairs to see Bella and Jacob talking with Danica .They got silent when I walked downstairs and Jacob turned on a smile .

" Morning beautiful . " he said , keeping his pearly whites showing .

I didn't lose my glare as I walked passed him to the applejuice .
" Shut up . I hate mornings . " I hissed .

Jacob sighed. 
" Last night you said that nothing changed . You're right . I've been lying to you. And now I want to tell you everything . Come with me . " he said , grabbing my hand , pulling me towards the door with my apple juice still in hand .

I looked over my shoulder at Bella and Danny for an explanation , but they just shrugged .Jacob lead me out into the middle of the woods . 

" HEY ! I'm in slippers ! And you want me to go in the woods ?! These are my GOOD slippers . The kind that are heaven to your feet and you want me to screw them up ?! They're the only thing worth waking up to in my life ! "   I exclaimed .

Jacob rolled his eyes and walked over , picking me up , carrying me through the woods as I sipped my apple juice and he set me down in the middle of a few trees. 
" Look , I know you're probably gonna freak out . Don't freak out , okay . Please don't freak out . " he said taking a few deep breaths , shaking .

I looked at him like he was physco and contemplated running . Nah . Not in slippers .  And so I just sat there unphased , wiping off my mouth with my arm from my juice .

" I'll take that as an " I'll try to stay calm " . " he muttered and then to my surprise , he slid his shirt off and then went to his belt . 

Jacob Black slid off his belt easily and then put his hands on his pants . 

I heard him chuckle and noticed that he stopped at his boxers and threw his pants over behind a tree with his shorts . 

" Look . I need you to see this . " he said .

I shook my head . 
" No ! That's one thing I don't want to see for a LOOOOOONG time ! "

He rolled his eyes .
" Kathy . Look at me . "

I sighed and slid my hand off of my eyes , staring at him in his boxers in the middle of the woods . I watched as Jacob gave me a reassuringly look before he ..... turned into a .... giant wolf ? What the hell ? Is this whole world effed up ? Yeah ... possibly . 

I put my finger up to the giant wolf and took a sip of my juice . Once I had it in my mouth , I spit it out and screamed , starting to run back through the woods toward's Charlie's . 
" Dammit ! DAMMIT ! DAMN ! DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN ! DAYMN ! " I cussed , making my way back to Charlie's where the trees let out .

I saw the rest of the guys from La Push there and Bella and Danica . They looked surprised seeing me running out of the woods like a bat outta hell . I heard them burst out laughing when I noticed I still hadn't gotten rid of the glass .I chucked it at the bushes and kept running , almost to the house . 
" DAMN ! " I hissed and I was almost to the porch when I was tackled by someone into the grass of Charlie's backyard .
" Kathleen ! " Jacob said , pinning me down .

" Get off of me you ... you ... WHAT THE HELL ?! DAMMIT ! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE ?! I knew steroids were bad for you ! " I said , fighting to crawl out from underneath of him .

" She thinks steriods turn people into giant wolves ? That must be a strong ass drug . " Jared muttered . 

" No . I told you not to freak out ." Jacob said calmly .

Danica's laughter was the loudest that time .

" Y-YOU WANT ME TO BE CALM ABOUT THAT ?! IN WHAT WORLD IS THAT NORMAL ?! " I demanded , crossing my arms underneath of him .

Paul cleared his throat . 
" This isn't the normal world . This is Forks . "

" If you'd just let me explain .... " Jacob said , keeping me pinned under his body , keeping his wieght on his elbows so that he wasn't hurting me .

I narrowed my eyes at him .
" This should be good ." I muttered sarcastically .

" You have no idea how hard it is to get your attention . " he sighed .

" MY attention ?! You stripped in the woods for MY attention ?! Yeah , take that down town. Might make some money . Buy yourself a few milkbones . " I muttered . 

He rolled his eyes and looked down at me smirking . 
" What the hell are you smirking about ? Get off of me . " I said stubbornly .

" You loved it . " he winked .

" Pffft ! You know what I love ? Pants ! And shirts ! I love clothes ! You should get some . "

He chuckled and then leaned down , kissing me . It wasn't like he was brushing his lips up against me like before. He was actually kissing me . He rolled over on his back , grabbing a hold of my wrists so that when he rolled over , he took me with him and I was laying on his chest . I pulled back and stared at him like he was crazy , but then narrowed my eyes at him . Jacob chuckled when he saw that and kissed me again as if it was only amusing him more . Imagine that . Narrowing your eyes is a turn on . Oh ! I forgot ! This isn't the normal world. This is FORKS !  

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