Chapter 46

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* Danica *

Kathleen wasn't doing to good . I phased back into a human behind a few trees and got my clothes , walking over to Edward who was gently holding Kathy . I shook my head and gently took her out of his arms and carried her . 

" I think the rest of you have done enough damage to her already . " I hissed ,not waiting for them to burn Victoria  .

I was angry . Angry with myself that I hadn't been there sooner . I looked down at Kathleen who was bloody and cold . We got down to the field and the Voulturi and newborns were already gone . I knew that Alek had already left and that he didn't want her to know that he'd been there . He thought it would be better . Once we got there . The wolves and the Cullens were surprised . Bella and Edward walked down with Jacob and Seth and I felt my temper boil at the fact that Bella was fine and it was her younger cousin that was possibly dying . This was Bella's world . Now it's my world . But it doesn't have to be Kathleen's world anymore . Jacob's expression was twisted in pain , seeing his imprint in pain , but I only snarled in response . He walked over to her , but I stood in his way , detirmined not to let him touch my best friend . 

" I swear that there is a God and he better help you if you ever touch my best friend again . " I snapped .

Jacob gulped as I narrowed my eyes at him .

" Danny , we can take it from here . We need to get her medical care ." Carlisle said calmly .

I was thankful for Carlisle . He was a doctor and he knew how to handle these things . I simply nodded as I watched Emmett pick her up gently and start running towards the Cullen residence . As soon as the Cullens were gone , I pushed Jacob and got in his face . 

" I hate you ! She could be dying ! Don't you see that ?! Don't you see what you've done ?! Don't worry , I'm sure you'll have plenty of time with Bella when Kathleen is dead ! " I screamed and that caused Jacob to phase into a russett wolf and growl .

Embry tried to grab me , but I wiggled out of his arms and phased into my ginger colored wolf , holding my ground .

" Danica ! " Jared said . 

" She's just upset . " Embry added .

I lunged at Jacob and took him down , ripping at his skin and his fur .

* Bella *

I looked down at Kathleen as she laid on the hospital bed set up in the Cullen's home . She was paler then normal and she was very still . I was being eaten up by guilt at the thought that I'd never get to appologize to her . Edward hasn't said a word to me . 

* Kathleen *

I fluttered my eyelids and woke up , seeing that I was attached to all of these medical tools . I looked over and saw Danica in a chair next to the medical bed I was laying in . She was doodling ponies or something and I smiled , shaking my head . 

" So ..... guess you're a mutant too , huh ? " I asked , crossing my arms .

She looked over at me and almost dropped her sketchbook .

" It is alive ! " she exclaimed .

I rolled my eyes .

" Yeah . Hello to you to , gorgeous . " I said sarcastically .

She laughed and smiled . 

" I thought you were ...... " she trailed off , her smile dropping .

" Hey ! I've got Tiger blood , remember ? " I joked .

She nodded .

" I remember . " she said , smiling once again .

I looked down and saw how beat up I really was . 

" Oh ... " I said , worried I looked terrible.

" It will be alright . You'll be fine . " she said quietly .

I nodded .

" So , tell me what was wrong with me . " I muttered .

" Concussion , broken ankle , and a dislocated shoulder . New record. Even for you . " she sighed .

I smirked , amused .

" How long have I been out ? " I asked .

" A couple of days . " she muttered, running a hand through her hair .

" Hey . I'm still alive . You know what that means ? " I asked her .

She rolled her eyes .

" This should be good . " she said , sarcastically .

" It means I'll still be sitting in your living room when we get older and annoying the hell outta you. You know I'm co dependant . I can't even cut ice cream cake . " I said , nodding .

She laughed .

" I wouldn't have it any other way . " she said .

" I want to move . I've been sitting her for damn days and I'm irritable . " I said , going to get up .

It was then I noticed the big scar up my leg .  I started to freak out .I looked awful .

" Kathy , calm down . Y-You took a hard fall . Don't worry, it will heal . " Danica said hestitantly .

I ignored it and limped over , grabbing some clothes on the edge of the bed and walked into the bathroom , changing and then limped back out . Danica handed me a crutch for my one broken ankle and I nodded , looking at her thankfully . I glanced down at my grey skinny jeans and my tank top and ran a hand through my hair. 

" Guess I'm gonna have to face them anyway . " I muttered and Danica got up , getting the door for me .

We walked downstairs and I saw everyone there . The Cullens and the wolves . I kept my eyes to the floor , not really wanting to look at anyone as I leaned on Danny with my good side and used my crutch on the other side .

" How are you feeling ? " Seth asked after a moment of silence .

I shook my head with a small smile ,still not looking up .

" Is that a trick question ? "

" Kathleen .... I ...... " said Jacob's voice . 

Danica snapped her head up to him .

" I just hope for your sake that God has a sense of humor . " she growled .

I looked over at her and rolled my eyes . 

" So it takes me ALMOST dying for you tp get some spunk ? "

" I learned from the master of spunkitude . " she said with a small smile .

I laughed .

" Spunkitude . I like it . It could work . "

She nodded and I looked over at the Cullens .

" Thanks . " I said .

They nodded .

" We just hope you'll be okay ." Rose said .

I crutched over and pulled Emmett into a hug . 

" You got me here so that I could get help . Thanks , Emmett . " I said pulling back .

He smiled and gave me a mini bear hug .Next I turned and hugged Edward since he'd been hurt just as bad as I was emotionally. Words weren't needed , just hugged him . I hugged Seth and then turned to Danica . 

"  Let's go home, Danny . " I said with a sigh .

She nodded and we linked arms and walked out the door without another word .

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