Chapter 50

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- 2 weeks later -

* Kathleen *

My birthday was in 2 days and to celebrate , we were having a cook out at the beach with the Cullens and the wolves . It was sort of a victory/birthday kinda thing and I was getting ready with Danica . I slid on some tight jeans with a grey v neck sweater and a leather vest with my hair in lose curls .Danny was wearing jeans and a light lavender long sleeve with a grey sweater over it . I did some light makeup . And linked arms with my best friend . 

" Ready ?" Danica asked . 
I rolled my eyes .
" Mmmhmm . "

I bumped her playfully with my hip and she laughed as we walked out and took off running down towards the beach . When we got there , everything was all set up and Jacob and Embry were playing football .
" I suck at sports. " I muttered .

Danica rolled her eyes .
" I know . " 

I saw the Cullens and Seth talking . It was probably the only time that the Cullens would be allowed to be on the reservation . Danny and I turned around to see Morgan running up to hug us . 
" Back so soon ? " Danny asked .
" Of course ! My boyfriend lives here ! I don't know how , but I'm gonna make this work . " Morgan said , pointing at Quil .

 Danny and I laughed and looked over at the guys . Beth ran over to Seth and Kelly ran over to Paul and for awhile it all seemed perfect . Morgan hit the music and we started to dance crazy while the guys played some sports like soccer , football ,and of course , fetch ;) Just kidding . It was frisbee . I danced with my friends while Emily put out the food and everyone had fun . A slow song came on and Jacob pulled me into his arms and we slow danced . He twirled me and pulled me close again and I put my head on his chest . After we danced and ate, I challenged everyone to a game of " Death Ball " . Now for those of you that don't know what Death Ball is, it's an extreme formof soccer invented by myself . 

" Deathball ! " I said excitedly .

Morgan's eyes widened and Danica sighed , putting her head in her hands . 
" Isn't that dangerous ? " Morgan asked .

I looked over at Emmett and we high fived .
" Hell yes ! " we both said at once .
" Last time you almost broke my shoulder . " Morgan whined .
" It wasn't my fault that your shoulder was in front of the goal . " I said.

" Don't worry . She got me hard in the shins . " Danica said .

" Sometimes .... I do things I don't have to do . " I said .

" What ? " Morgan asked .
" She just said sorry . " Danica translated with a laugh . 
" Why didn't you just say sorry then ? " Michaela asked .

I cleared my throat .
" It's not my thing . "

She rolled her eyes and we picked teams . It was Me , Morgan , Emmett , Edward , Danny , and Jasper V.S Jacob , Embry , Quil , Jared , Paul and Seth .

" Jacob , is Kathy gonna hurt me to ? " Seth asked , scratching the back of his head .

Jacob rolled his eyes .
" Don't be ridiculous ,  Seth . They were making all that up . " Paul said .

I cocked an eyebrow and Danny and Morgan burst out laughing .
" You're going to WISH we made that up after she's done with you. " Morgan said .

I grabbed the ball and kicked it so hard that paul fell on his face with a red mark and a dent .
" That was for cheating on me ! " I threw over my shoulder as I high fived Emmett .

" OUCH ! DAMMIT ! " Paul called in agony from the ground .
" We warned you ! " Danica said .

" Come at me bro . " I said and the game begun .

After the game , it was easy to say we were out of ice packs . We sat down at the tables we set up and were munching on the stuff Emily made when a thought occured to me . Why wasn't Charlie here ? Charlie was supposed to be here by now . I was cut off from my train of thought when Charlie's police cruiser pulled up . I smiled , seeing Charlie get out , but that smile soon sunk when I saw that he had someone with him . My father .......

------ Deathball . Mmmhmm . It's a real sport . AND it's dangerous ;) ---- 

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