Chapter 28

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* Kathleen *

It's been a few days since I found out Alek is a vampire . The back to school dance is this Friday and it's Thursday today . After school , Morgan , Danny , and I are going to pick out our dresses and what not . Wasn't to thrilled about getting all dressed up or watching the girls throw themselves at Kendal , James , and Alek today . Alek had also explained to me that James and Kendal were vampires as well . All 3 of them . Who'd-a-thought ? Today , I was weakin skinnies with a white v neck t-shirt and a cardigan , wearing boots on my feet . Since I'd taken a shower last night , I decided to sleep with braids in , causing my hair to have lose waves similiar to how I'd see my cousin's . I grabbed my leather bag and hadn't even been awake 45 minitue when I heard the roar of Alek's convertible outside . I smiled to myself and walked out , shutting the door behind me . To my surprise , it was only Alek in the flashy car this morning.

" Morning darling . " he said with a wink .

I rolled my eyes . 
" Don't remind me . I hate mornings . But then again you knew that , didn't you .... " I said, sliding into the passenger's seat .

He chuckled .
" I knew . " he said , pulling away from the curb .

We were running a few minitues late , but Alek didn't seem to care . I didn't either . Danny and I had been late COUNTLESS times . The whole ride, Alek helped me finish my math homework . We pulled into the parkinglot and people were already walking inside to class . He looked around and when they weren't looking , he used his vampire speed to blurr around and open my door for me .I laughed and stepped out as Alek grabbed both mine and his bags . 

" You don't have to carry my bags everywhere . " I said , rolling my eyes .
" You want to touch the math book ? You HATE math . You hiss at the mention of algebra and you call math the " M word " . " he smirked , laughing .

" Point taken . You can carry it  . " I said .

He wrapped his arm around my small waist and we walked into the building and made our way to class , just as the bell rang . The teacher cleared his throat .

" Miss Swan . Mr. Aristov." he said sternly .
" Technically we're not late . We were through the door before the bell rang . If you'd like us to be earlier , you should have told us and start your class earlier . " Alek said .

Everyone's jaws dropped , including mine .The teacher glared at us as Alek put his hand under my chin , pushing my mouth closed with a chuckle as we walked back to our seats . Mr. Kille's class was pretty boring . Nobody really liked him . As far as I was concerned , he was just a dinosaur with a math book . After that was P.E . Even better . I was actually pretty good at the sports part . It was dealing with Melissa that was hard . You see , she sucked at every sport except Volley Ball and Football . Gues which sports I sucked at ? Volley Ball and freaking Football . And today was my lucky day. NOT ! We were playing Volleyball . We walked into the gym to see the net set up .

" We're going to divide into teams . Melissa , you're a team captain . And ... Morgan . " said our teacher .

Of course , Morgan picked me first . Melissa was about to pick Alek when the coach made her pick one of the nerdy girls in the back that she knew nobody would pick to hopefully make the girl feel better . I made Morgan pick Alek and he smirked and walked over , pulling me into a hug , twirling me around . 

" Go team. " he said .

I laughed and he put me down . Danica was next for our team and then James . Melissa ended up with a very upset Kendal since he didn't want to be on her team . The teams were divided and Morgan served up the volley ball and the game began . Halfway through the game we were tied and I was upfront this time . Morgan had switched us around for this next half and Melissa was serving. She sent me a wicked smile and served it up , nearly hitting me in the face , but Alek reached over and kept it from hitting me ,and served it back . I looked over at him to thank him and as I did , Melissa had gotten the ball again and spiked it at me .This time it hit me , knocking me back , causing my nose to bleed . Blood in a room full of vampires. Alek had told me bleeding was alright because they had a tolerance to blood, but it still made me nervous .The teacher blew the whistle and Danny , Morgan ,James , and Kendal ran over to me , but of course , the first one over there was Alek . I turned away , not wanting him to see me like that but he didn't care . He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and gently placed it over my nose for a moment and then picked me up . 
" I'm going to take her to the school nurse . " he murmered , shooting a deadly glare at Melissa .

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