Chapter 16

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* Danica *

I was secretly rooting for Jacob and Kathy . I don't know why , but I just got the feeling he would protect her and that's all anyone can want for thier best friend . Paul ... on the other hand . I'm going to have a nice little chat with that backstabbing cheater and I bet you after that talk , he'll never cheat again . I was sitting on a picnic table in the Swan's backyard , bored . I had nobody to entertain me without Kathy and so I just sat there . Someone came up and sat by me , handing me something . It was a daisy . I smiled and took it from a smiling Embry , placing it in my hair . 
" Thank you . " I smiled .

" Hey , I was wondering if you  wanted to go out wit----- " he was cut off by Jared pulling me into a tight hug . 

" Hello , beautiful coffee girl . " he said with a wink , sitting down on my other side .

I waved .
" Hi, Jared . " I said awkardly , sitting between two shirtless buff guys . 

" Coffee girl ? " Embry asked cluelessly .

" Yeah , because we had our first date at the coffee shop . " Jared explained .

I looked over at Embry , who was clutching the table so hard that I heard the wood start to splinter . I jumped back just in time for Embry to tackle Jared . I had no idea what was going to happen next ...

* Kathleen * 

Jacob and I were sitting on the beach . We hadn't said anything since we kissed and now , I was just thinking it all through . We'd sat like that for awhile and then the sun started to set , casting beautiful colors over the Pacific Ocean . I shuddered in the slight breeze , since the water had been chilly and the sun was going down . Jacob wrapped his arms around me , pulling me closer to him as he slid his large shirt over my head to help dry me off . I smiled and cuddled into his shoulder . I was instantly free of my coldness . I hadn't realized his skin was so hot . 

" Are you running a fever ?" I asked , looking up at him .

He shook his head with a smirk . 
" Nah. I'm just really hot . " he said .

I rolled my eyes and was about to pull away , when he gently pulled me back .
" Artsy girl likes the nice guys . I can do that . " he smiled .

I laughed and then stretched out in the sand , putting my head on his lap , intertwining our fingers .Jacob brought up our hands and kissed mine . I didn't want this moment to end . It felt so right . 

" Looks like Miss East Coast got her whirlwind summer romance afterall . " Jacob said with a sigh , stroking my hair gently .

I looked up at him . 
" I never said I wanted a whirlwind summer romance . " I stated .

He smiled .
" I never said that YOU wanted one . I did . " he said , squeezing my hand gently .

I laid my head back down on his lap, letting him gently strok my hair .

" It's amazing how much fun you are when you're not so .... ferocious . " he muttered .

I rolled my eyes . 
" I don't want this moment to end . " I said .

* Danica *

Jared and Embry were rolling around on the ground punching eachother in the backyard . Charlie and the other guests had gone inside so it was just us out there . I tried to pull them apart , but Jared ended up , pushing me back into a tree where I slowly started to pass out ..

* Kathleen *

Jacob sighed .
" Me either . "

He suddenly got very  tense . 
" What is it ? " I asked him , suddenly feel him tensing up .

" I just .... " he trailed off .

" You what ? " I asked .

He pulled back and looked into my eyes .
" Kathleen , this is the last time I can see you . " he said , shaking his head .

I couldn't belive what I was hearing .

* Danica *

I woke up to see someone sitting next to me . It was Embry and he was a little red and bloody . Jared had dissapeared and I'd just assumed he'd run off , but it was Embry that was by my side , sitting with me to make sure I was alright . I sat up and clutched my head , nearly gagging when I saw just how badly Embry had been beat up .

" Oh my God . " I whispered , gently touching his face . 

He pulled away from me , turning away , ashamed of how he looked . The poor thing didn't realize that I still saw his beautiful self . 

" You were protecting me . " I muttered .

Hearing those words , he slowly turned around to face me . Very gently , careful of his busted lip , I brushed my lips against his , kissing him as he wrapped his arms around my waist .

* Kathleen *

" W-What ? " I asked .

" There are some things going on . It's not safe . " he said .
" Not safe ?! FROM WHAT ?! " I demanded .

He put his head in his hands .
" I'm sorry , but I just can't see you ." he said .

I felt my heart ripped out . This wasn't like yesterday and Jacob wasn't like Paul . The difference ? I cared .
" NO ! I'M sorry for beliving you were different ." I hissed , jumping up as I grabbed my clothes and my shoes and started running off through the woods .

Jacob spun me around and just as he was about to kiss me again , I slapped him hard across the face and took off running again . 

* Danica * 

I was enjoying kissing Embry and I didn't care how he looked right now , because to me , he was an always would be beautiful . This was the first time I was feeling like this . We pulled back and our shy nature took over us , spreading a deep blush over our cheeks . 

" I liked that . " he said .

I smiled .
" Me too . "

He paused and his expression sank .
" I'm sorry , Danica . " he said with a sigh .
" What ? " I asked .

" I-I can't see you right now . For ... awhile . " he muttered resentfully .

I was in shock .
" But we just ... "

" I know . I know . I'm sorry . " he said, getting to his feet .

I crossed my arms as I started to tear up , but didn't cry .

" Look , it's not that I don't care about you . I do . Alot . More then you could ever imagine , but there are things going on in the pac--- I mean La Push . I have to go . " he said , pecking me on the cheek before running off into the woods .

" This can't be happening to me . " I said and then realized I had an echo . 

No , not an echo . A Kathleen . We'd both said the same thing at the same time. How ironic .

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