Chapter 33

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* Kathleen *

The next day , I once again had plans with Seth Clearwater . He was actually pretty good company and he was a sweet kid .Answering the door in my button up plaid shirt and dark jeans , I greeted him with a smile . 
" Mornin' Kathleen ! " he said happily .

I laughed.
" Hi , Seth. "

" I have someone I want you to meet . " Seth said .

I nodded .
" Sure . "

We linked arms and I let him lead me wherever he felt like taking me . I really wasn't thinking today . I was just sorta goin with the flow . We walked back down to La Push and Seth lead me to a small house . 
" Come on ! I want you to meet Emily . " he said , gently pulling my hand to lead me inside .

I laughed.
" Alright . "

He looked over my shoulder and smiled at me , pratcially running into the glass door. I tried hard not to laugh and bit my lip, looking around , pretending I didn't notice . To my surprise , he didn't even knock . He just opened the door and walked right in , pulling me in with him . 
" Knocking ! Don't people ever knock around here ?! " I asked , not wanting to intrude .

I heard Seth's laughter and a woman's laughter .
" It's alright , sweetie . " she said , walking into the kitchen .

She was really beautiful.

" Seth , who've you brought to see me this morning ? " she asked , with a cocked eyebrow.

It wasn't until she turned to see Seth that I noticed the big scars across her face .  She was still  beautiful and the scars didn't bother me . I had scars of my own . Scars were apart of life . They were like a mile marker for every tradgedy we go through . Granted , most of mine where emotional , but I did have a few physical scars . Like on me right theigh . They were so old that nobody even noticed anymore .

" Emily , this is Kathleen Swan . " he said , beaming with joy .

She looked surprised . 
" As in Charlie ? " she asked , turning to me once again .

I nodded .
" Uh , I'm Charlie's niece . His older brother is my father .It's a pleasure to meet you Miss ... " I trailed off , not knowing exactly what to call her .

She looked at Seth with a knowing look and smiled at me .

" Please , call me Emily . The pleasure is all mine . I've heard alot about you . " she said , still keeping her smile .

I nearly choked on my spit .
" Mmmhmm . Well, that's ... good I guess . Means I'm worth talking about . You can call me Kathy . Everyone else does . "

She nodded with a laugh .
" Yes , yes you are . " she said .

Just then a muscular man walked through the door and paused ,surprised to see me in his kitchen . That sure made me feel good . Not really .

" Sam ! Just in time ! Seth brought a friend to meet us . This is Kathy Swan . " Emily said with a smile.

Sam's surprise turned to an expression of understanding . Like he knew something I didn't . He gave me a small smile .
" I've heard alot about you . I'm Sam . Sam Uley. " he said extending his hand to me .

Twice in one day ?! This time I really DID choke on my spit and Seth patted me on my back . Emily and Sam chuckled . I regained my composure and awkwardly shook his hand . 
" Nice to meet you . " I managed .
" So , I hear you're from Maryland , huh ? Nice place I hear . " Sam said , pecking Emily on the cheek as he walked into the kitchen and grabbed something to drink .

I nodded.
" Yes , sir . I like to think it is . Could do without the taxes . " I said , sarcastically .

Seth laughed and the door opened , revealing Jared , Quil , Embry , Danica , Jacob , Bella and Paul . That was my cue to go . I wasn't up for this . They all looked surprised to see me standing there like a statue . 
" Nice meeting you . Lovely home you have . I should go . " I called over my shoulder as I pushed my way out of the crowded kitchen .

I was almost to the door where I was planning to make a run for it when Seth grabbed my hand , keeping me there .
" Are you okay ? " he asked , worried .

I noticed everyone was looking at us . I gulped and looked down , nodding , pulling the hood up of my sweatshirt.
" I'm fine . See ya . " I said , this time , pushing the door open , starting to jog home in the surprise rain .

I lied . I wasn't fine . 

* Danica *

I was surprised to see Kathleen in Sam's house with Emily. I'd already met them a few days ago .  I could tell from the look on her face that she wasn't fine . It was a look I hadn't seen cross her face in years . A deer in the headlights look . We all watched as she ran out of the house and into the rain , heading for Charlie's . 

" Did I say something wrong ? " Sam asked .

Everyone looked to me this time, hoping I could enlighten them .I shook my head . 
" She's just ... complicated . Sorry about that . " I muttered , a little embarressed to have attention on me .

" Is there something you're not telling us , Danny ? " Emily asked me .

I was tired of the lies . The deception . I wanted everyone to know the truth . I wasn't even a good liar ! I wished I could tell them about Kathleen's dad and I wished that they would understand .It was a selfish thought . A selfish sick thought . It was selfish because I knew it was Kathleen's most embarressing and devestating secret . 

* Flashback *

I was over at Kathleen's house for a sleepover . We had those alot . We must've been about 12 at the time . It was probably one of my worst memories of Kathleen's father . We were sitting at the table eating dinner with her mother , when her father walked in and took a seat . Everything got really silent . 

" Pass the mashed potatoes . " he barked , practically a demand .

Kathleen glanced around the food on the table and saw that he was drinking a glass of wine with dinner .
" I asked for the potatoes . " he said , this time a little louder .

She sighed and handed him what he was looking for and when she did , he got a smirky look on his face . Not like a jokeing smirk or anything . Just like a mean smirk . I could tell Kathleen was trying to keep her blood from boiling . Her temper had always been her downfall . 

" You know , you've never really been good at anything. " he said , looking a his daughter .

She clenched her fork so tightly I swear that her hand would bleed and kept her gaze down on the ground .

" What's wrong with your hair ? What happened to your hair ? " he said after another moment of silence .

Kathleen tried to keep her eyes from watering . She never really cried in front of anyone . Except me . Just me . Her mother had put some low lights in her hair earlier and I thought they looked nice . But of course , her father didn't .

" Mom put some low lig----- " he father cut her off . 
" You should know better then that . Don't you know your mother is blind without her glasses . What's wrong with you ?! " he demanded , sipping his wine . 

" Nothing ! Nothing's wrong with me ! " she finally screamed .

* End of flashback *

" Danny ? " Embry asked shaking me .

" Huh , what ? " I asked , pulled out of my flashback . 
" Is there something you aren't telling us about Kathleen ? " Quil asked .

They all looked at me and I knew I needed to get out of there or I would tell .

"N-No . I have to go. " I said running out in the rain down the same path my best friend took . 

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