Chapter 7

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* Kathleen *

I sat in bed the next few days , hoping that I would start to feel better . It wasn't working . Not only was I hurt physically, but I was hurt mentally . There was a knock on my door and I knew that it would be the only person I'd let see me in days . Danica . She walked in and sat on the edge of the bed . 

" How are you feeling ? " she asked me .

I shrugged . 
"I'm fine , Danny . "

" I'm your best friend . I know you better then anyone . Don't lie to me , Kathy . I know you . You're hiding it . You can't keep hiding the fact that your breaking down . " she said , shaking her head .

" Don't pretend to know what goes through my head , Danica . You'd be surprised . " I hissed .

She put her hands up in surrender .
" Well , I just want you to pull through this .All of this . "she said and I knew she was talking about Jacob as well . 

" Somehow I always do . " I muttered .

Danica nodded and squeezed my hand . 
" Always . "

 I slid out of bed in my pajamas and walked into the closet , walking out in some jean shorts and a plaid shirt . I just brushed through my hair , leaving it down . 

" I'm going for a walk . " I said with a sigh , sliding on my sapphire necklace from my grandmother that had died when I was 3 . 

" Remember what happened last time you went for a " walk " ?! " Danica called after me as I walked downstairs . 

"  Yeah yeah . I'll be careful . " I said  , grabbing a bananna as I walked outside . 

I was walking through the outskirts of the woods and found a small clearing full of wild flowers . I was sure it wasn't that far from La Push or Charlie's or even the Cullens . It was right smack in the middle . Unlike Bella and Edward's meadow to the south . Mine was in the north . I sat down in the wildflowers and put my head in my hands . I reached into my pocket and pulled out my ipod . " Straight On " came on and I smiled, reminded of my mother , who used to be a singer in the 80's . She had gotten me educated in classic rock and roll and you couldn't be educated about rock and roll without knowing the Wilson sisters . I hummed the lyrics and looked up at the cloudy sky , not really knowing why , but getting the feeling like someone was watching me . I sat up quickly and looked around , brushing the leaves out of my hair , narrowing my eyes . 

" Easy there tiger . I just heard you humming . It was nice . " Paul said , walking out with his hands up defensively .

I sighed , crossing my arms . 

" Go away . " 

" I don't recall you claiming the meadow to yourself . " he said .

" I did as of ... now . Leave . "

" I just wanted to see if you'd let me buy you a coffee or something in town ? " he asked .

I cocked an eyebrow , narrowing my eyes once again . 
" What's the catch ? " I asked .

" No catch . I just want to take out a beautiful lady . Is that so wrong ? " he asked , cocking an eyebrow of his own .

I shrugged .
" Guess not . But I'm not beautiful . " I said , standing up , brushing myself off .
" You don't think so ? " he asked m stunned.

I shook my head .
" No . "

" Why not ? " Paul asked as we started to walk towards town .

" Nobody ever really told me I was . Except for family and Danny . I never heard it from the most important person in my life at the time . "  I explained , talking with my hands , trying to fill the awkardness.

Paul shook his head.
" And who was that ? A boyfriend ? " he asked .

I laughed .
" No . My father . Come on , I'm thirsty . " I said , changing the subject as I walked a little ways ahead of him , knowing his reaction would be confusion. It was most people's reaction .

Paul was quiet the rest of the walk and he got the door to the coffee shop for me . We sat down and I ordered a cup of hot tea instead , not liking the taste of coffee . Paul was surprised by this . 
" That's different . " he said , paying for my tea and his coffee .

" You learn something new everyday . " I said openly .

He nodded .
" Look , I've been meaning to ask you out since the first day I met you and I can honestly say that I'm terrified if I don't tell you that I like you right now, that I could lose my chance and I don't want that to happen , so Kathleen , I really really really like you . Alot . " he said , clearing his throat .

I tilted my head to the side, listening to what he had to say . It was random and out of the blue , but it felt .... safe .

" I'm adjusted to being a loner . Except for Danica . But I think that I can honestly say that you seem like a really nice guy and that I'm honored that you really really really like me . Alot . " I said , with a small smile tugging on the corner of my lips .

Paul smiled . 

" Do you mind if I walk you home ? " he asked politely . 

Smart boy . If someone wasn't polite , I had a tendancy to not respect them and do the OPPOSITE of whatever they wanted me to do . Politeness and respect go hand in hand . My smile widened a little. 
" I don't mind . " I replied , starting to get up .

Paul walked over and helped me up since I was still pretty beaten up .I looked up at him thankfully and nodded a thank you . We walked out of the coffee shop hand in hand and walked through Forks , enjoying the light breeze blowing on the cloudy day . We passed the police station and I swear I saw Uncle Charlie nearly fall out of his chair when he saw Paul and I through the window . I rolled my eyes as we got to the Swan house and I saw a fimiliar car in the driveway . Jacob's car . He was Bella's best friend . Probably just here to see her . Paul walked me to the door and I put my hand on the door knob , about to twist it and walk inside , when I turned around and leaned up on my tip toes , kissing Paul on the lips . He seemed to enjoy it because he pulled me closer . For a moment , nothing mattered except what was going on now and Jacob was out of my mind . Only for a moment before he somehow crept his way back in . Paul's arms moved around me and his hands moved around my waist . We were cut off by the door opening and a sudden stillness of the air . We pulled back to see Jacob and Bella staring at us with wide eyes . Jacob turned a deadly glare on Paul and Paul awkardly ran a hand through his hair . Something about that made me feel good . Just seeing Jacob's expression when he saw I didn't care about him . I didn't . Did I ? Of course not . Emotions are stupid . Feeling ... is ... pain.

" I'll see you later . " Paul said , awkardly, shoving his hand in his pockets .

I nodded and just dor dramatic effect , I reached up and pecked him on the lips one more time before pushing past Bella and Jacob .
" Sorry . Didn't see ya standing there . " I added over my shoulders as I met Danica up in my room.

She was going through more old articles.
" What was all of that shabub ? " she asked .

" Why does there always have to be shabub ? " I asked, innocently .

She gave me " The look " and then simply sighed , rolling her eyes .
" Shabub . " she muttered and I giggled .

------ Like it ? Or not . For those of you that have read my stories , you know how I am with drama ;) --- 

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