Chapter 44

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* Kathleen *

I had to believe that Alek would find someone. I had to believe that he would be alright . I knew in my heart that I was only meant to be his friend . Nothing more . As much as I wanted to be more then his friend , I knew that he'd never be truly happy with me .As much as I hated to admit it .... I truly WAS Jacob's imprint . And that part of him would always be apart of me . It was stronger then just a crush . It was .... apart of my soul . I rolled out of bed , still tired and upset from the night before and all I wanted was someone to make me feel better . Deep down , I knew that Alek wasn't coming back . He wouldn't be back . And it was that realization that caused a part of my heart to fall off and break . 

" Kathleen ?! " called an excited voice .

I really didn't want to get out of bed . I just wanted to lay there and feel bad about myself . 
" Kathleen ?!!! " the voice asked again .

It was then that I realized that I knew the voice . I got up and slid on jeans ,a tank top , and a sweatshirt and ran down the stairs , pulling the door open to see Morgan standing there with her older sister and her younger cousin .

" Morgan ? " I asked surprised  .

She squealed in delight nad nodded , pulling me into a hug . 
" Hey ! I thought I'd visit . My family was heading to California and we drove up . I think you remember my sister , Kelly and my cousin , Beth . " she said , motioning to her family .

I'd heard about them and met them once or twice , but I didn't know them all that well . 

" Hey . Come on in. My uncle is at work and my cousin is at her boyfriend's ." I said , knowing that Jacob would be over soon to take me up to the campsite with Bella to keep us safe . 

They walked in , smiling and nodded . 
" This place is wet and rainy . Don't you miss the sun ? " Morgan asked .

I laughed , shaking my head .
" Nah . You know I never really liked the sun . "

We walked into the kitchen and I made us something to drink and sat down at the table ,talking and catching up when the door opened to reveal the boys from La Push and Danica . Morgan had always been a little bit of a flirt and I assumed the rest of her family was as well so when she saw a bunch of shirtless toned guys standing in the doorway , she nearly died of happiness . 

" Morgan ?! " Danica asked surprised . 
" DANNY ! " Morgan said as she ran forward and hugged her .

I watched my friends hug it out and then I was dragged into it by Morgan .
" Isn't this great ?! The three musketeers uninte ! " she squealed .

I laughed and cleared my throat . We pulled back and I saw Jacob . I smiled as he pulled me into a hug and a kiss . I saw Morgan's heart sink a little seeing that Jacob already had a ball and chain , but she perked up when Quil walked over and introduced himself to her . Paul seemed to take a shine to Kelly and Seth looked pretty happy with Beth . 

" Morgan , meet the guys . Guys , meet Morgan , Kelly , and Beth . " I said , still in Jacob's arms .

" I know see why you wanted to stay in Forks . " Kelly winked .

Everyone laughed and I put my hands up in surrender .

" Danny's idea . " I said .

Everyone laughed harder and then suddenly Morgan asked a question .

" Have you heard from Alek ? He dissapeared after you left . "  she said .

I tensed up and cleared my throat . 
"  No . " I lied , pushing past everyone , walking out of the room . 

I fetl arms around my waist and knew it was Jacob . I leaned back , leaning my head against his shoulder . 
" He came last night and I practically shredded his heart with a paper shredder . " I murmered .

He rubbed my  shoulders gently and kissed my cheek . 
" I'm sorry . "  he said .

I sighed and shook my head. 
" It's not your fault . " I muttered .

" It doesn't matter . I'm still sorry . " he said .

I looked up at him and nodded .

" It'll all work out . "I said .

He nodded .
" I believe it will too. " he agreed .
I just nodded , looking down at the floor .

"  You know , Edward , Bella , and Jasper are expecting us at the meadow . There's a storm coming in and we have to get up the mountain and set up camp . " he said , knowing the fight was tomarrow .

I sighed .
" Alright . I guess I could try and get rid of Morgan . " I said , thinking of ways to distract my friend .

"  Hey , Morgan , I uh ... I have to go help out my cousin . You can hang out here until I get back tomarrow , though . " I said , shrugging .

Her expression sank . 
" Um ... no thanks . " she muttered .

" I'll show her around ! " Quil exclaimed happily .

They smiled at eachother .
" Yeah , Seth , Quil , and I can show you guys around . Would hate to waste your trip . " Paul said , looking at Kelly .

They all nodded and I looked at Danica . She shrugged and I nodded , agreeing before I ran upstairs to pack for the mountain camp and walked back down . When I got down there , it was just Embry and Jacob and Danica . Apart of me ached because I knew this might be the last time I saw Danica . 
" I'll see ya , Danny. " I said , shoving my hands in my pocket awkwardly .
" Oh hell no. Don't you do this to me  , Kathy . Where's the tiger blood ? You're going to be fine . " she said , shaking her head .

I tried my best to give her a small smile.
" Sure I will . " I half lied .

She pulled me into a tight hug and then Jacob and I walked out and to the clearing to meet Jasper , Bella , and Edward . Once we got there , Bella and I marked the path with our blood to lure the new borns to the field . 

" Thanks. " Jasper said .
" That will help alot . " Edward added .

I looked at Bella and tried to give her a small smile .
" Leave it to us to get attacked by an army of newborn vamps. "

She shook her head with a laugh of her own .
" Yeah . Leave it to us . "

I was faced with teh realization that last night might've been the last time I'd see my best friend and that there was a chance I was going to die . But I guess it's alright . At least I would've known all of the secrets people had been keeping from me . 

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