Crave by Daydream1011
Craveby Daydream1011
Copyrighted 2017 *Completed* Highest rankings: #11 in Werewolf #1 in Wolves #3 in Featured He was said to be powerful, the most powerful of them all. A king of k...
  • love
  • north
  • lovestory
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Yandere Monsters/Urban Legend/Creatures X Reader One-Shots by MissingEver
Yandere Monsters/Urban Legend/ Dessie
They all want you.. They all NEED you. And they'll have you.. No matter what.. Taking Requests:[❌] Started: July-28-2018 Finished: ??? Editing. Credit goes to the amazin...
  • alcar
  • kraken
  • neko
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Fireborn ✔ (#Wattys2018) by Carolyn_Hill
Fireborn ✔ (#Wattys2018)by On Holiday
☆ Featured in January 2018 ☆ "She who fights with fire shall burn in the flames." "If that's true," I sneered, "let the ashes fall." ___ Wh...
  • shapeshifter
  • sorceress
  • dwarves
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 untold one shots | +18 by preachkanyepreach
untold one shots | +18by girl wonder
just a some erotic stories, that people might just enjoy xx
  • bwwm
  • hot
  • geazy
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FLOWER ❀ ( SAM ULEY )by - ̗̀ 🌙 ̖́-
" BRIAR CALL BLOOMS BRIGHTER THAN ALL . . . " new moon - ? 2018 | copyright © brujablood.
  • brambaby1
  • newmoon
  • soulmates
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Twilight: AnneMarie Charlotte Swan by Lauralarios234
Twilight: AnneMarie Charlotte Swanby TwilightDarling❤️
Imagine one day you wake up in a totally different life. Instead of waking up in your everyday boring life you wake up as AnneMarie Charlotte Swan, fraternal twin of non...
  • newmoon
  • completed
  • wattys2018
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Tusks by TheoryKierei
Tusksby TheoryKierei
Book two of the Shifter Series. After just losing Arron to the one guy I could barely stand, my life seems to have become just a repetitive bore again. That little chee...
  • fiction
  • cheetah
  • boyxboy
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Jᴀʀᴇᴅ's Sɪsᴛᴇʀ, Pᴀᴜʟ's Iᴍᴘʀɪɴᴛ by AmateurAuthor78
Jᴀʀᴇᴅ's Sɪsᴛᴇʀ, Pᴀᴜʟ's Iᴍᴘʀɪɴᴛby ackles
Seventeen-year-old, Aisha is Jared's Cameron's younger sister and beloved best friend of Paul Lahote. Her life is pretty normal for a local of La Push. She was raised by...
  • werewolf
  • twilightsaga
  • forks
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||the girl who hides|| Banana bus squad x   Shapeshifting reader by Numnomgirl
||the girl who hides|| Banana Numnomgirl
Y/n is the most wanted thief,psychopathic killer,hitmen, and much more. Nobody in Los Santos gangs would even think to miss with her. Until the bbs crew came to her life...
  • moo
  • nogla
  • bananabuscrew
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Greek Goddess by astorybysarah
Greek Goddessby some trash fanfic
!!! COMPLETED !!! After the Giants war with Gaea, Freya Swan moves back to the small town of Forks in Washington. Her mother wanted to give her some normality, but she g...
  • paullahote
  • camphalfblood
  • marieavgeropoulos
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My Dragon by lazybunwriter
My Dragonby Lazy Bun
Warning: Language, mature scenes (18+) contains Mpreg A fluffy, supernatural story between a dragon and a little bunny.
  • boyslove
  • dragon
  • gaylove
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Twilight: Amelia Rose Ravellino [EDITING] by Lauralarios234
Twilight: Amelia Rose Ravellino [ TwilightDarling❤️
Hello there, names Amelia and I'm about to blow your mind. You see I died and I traveled into The Twilight Saga, I know right. I am just another person in this crazy wor...
  • edwardcullen
  • jaspercullen
  • twilight
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The Hollow Ball by simranm17
The Hollow Ballby Simran Multani
There are no winners. There is no survival. Once a person steps through the doors of the Hollow Ball, they never come back.
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • masquerade
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Rose Among Thorns [COMPLETED] by xinny_lovely
Rose Among Thorns [COMPLETED]by CT
«» Meet Konani Mele, cupcake enthusiast, snake-loving, happy-go-lucky nineteen year old "human" girl, who loves making friends everywhere she goes. Then there...
  • college
  • chicklit
  • drama
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Love Comes in All Sizes!! ?  by xXSnowy327Xx
Love Comes in All Sizes!! ? by xXSnowy327Xx
(bxbxbxb) no like no read ok. This world has many different types of "people" mythical creatures I should say, when they are born they get a tattoo on there ri...
  • vampire
  • doctor
  • lovers
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Six Circles - Journey to Erwen ( Part 1 ) by bupton68
Six Circles - Journey to Erwen ( Brian Upton
"Attached to a lanyard chain was what looked like a silver pendant of some kind, but not at all a traditional style of jewelry. Four large open thick rings were set...
  • novella
  • adventure
  • teenfantasy
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Lust (Bloodlust sequel) [Lesbian Story] by DunkelEngel
Lust (Bloodlust sequel) [Lesbian DunkelEngel
  • nymph
  • sequel
  • dryad
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls and a Transformer by Braedey95
Monster Musume: Everyday Life Braedey95
Braedey Martin, bearer of the Transformatrix, a powerful ancient device created by the Thirteen Primes of Cybertron, allowing one to transform into any and all beings on...
  • girlxboy
  • shapeshifter
  • originalcharacter
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Stoner ♡ Edward Cullen  by ulikemywang
Stoner ♡ Edward Cullen by ♡ prblms ♡
"I think you smoke too much" "Well, it's a good thing I didn't ask for your Opinion." ♡ In which Edward falls in love With the new stoner girl. ♡
  • theshannarachronicles
  • alicecullen
  • shapeshifter
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The People Who're Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead by dummyt
The People Who're Supposed To dummy
Author: 酒矣 Alternative Name: 《说好要杀我的人都看上我了[快穿]》 This is a novel translation by me Total chapters: 123 For faster/quicker updates head over to S...
  • romance
  • shapeshifter
  • yaoi
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