Love To The Beat [Book 1&2] ▪ Levi x Reader [Dance AU]

Love To The Beat [Book 1&2] ▪ Levi x Reader [Dance AU]

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bonshaquidelafondria By ThrowtheCheese Updated Dec 22, 2016

[BOOK 1] [Complete]

(Y/N) is welcomed by the craziest events when she joins the school's dance group. Especially, when the guy she hates is in it, too.

[BOOK 2] [Ongoing]

The group had said their last goodbyes knowing they would never see each other ever again.

Or so they thought. 

The group will soon reunite but faced with more challenges that they never expected to have - fame.

Levi and (Y/N) had been through a long journey, but after all the conflicts, is it possible to make their long distance relationship work?

[Warning: expect lots of cringe and facepalming]

[this book is a mess, needs editing, and just full of crappy jokes/memes]

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kktrys kktrys May 12, 2016
I took dance class for Acro and Pop for one year😂 softball got in the way xD
Arsenalle Arsenalle Feb 16
CurlyFriezz_ CurlyFriezz_ Sep 13, 2016
Who is he, you say? Well, he's...
                              LEVI ACKERMAN!!!
                              JOHN CENA!!!
lambily- lambily- Oct 26, 2016
eren: wow you make a lot of references
                              levi: i am like the KING of references
                              *sings* shrek is love shrek is life
Sora_Michi_Reina Sora_Michi_Reina Feb 20, 2016
Haha. That's right, bitch. I ain't gonna waste 9 years of dance class.
- - May 02, 2016
HELL YEAH *sister comes over from other side of the room* but....... You can't dance. *me* SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE STORY!!!!!
                              The best part is I don't have a sister