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I'll be there for you (Levi Ackerman x Twin!Seme!Male!Reader) by IzayaB
I'll be there for you (Levi IzayaB
I haven't seen many of these and this idea hit me in the morning when I woke up. This is a incest/twincest so don't read it if you don't feel comfortable with this subje...
  • shingekinokyojin
  • twincest
  • snk
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Annoying Brat, My Cadet| Levi Ackerman x reader by GigglyUndertaker
Annoying Brat, My Cadet| Levi sugakookieV
(Y/n) is a mystery, No one knows anything about (Y/n) when their first turns up. Not even (Y/n)'s gender.
  • attack
  • lévi
  • xreader
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Łittłe Miss Bąđąss |Levi x Reader| by xkaazuto
Łittłe Miss Bąđąss |Levi x Reader|by Kaazuto :)
The underground boxing rings are a ruthless place. Many leave with broken noses, twisted arms, black eyes. That never stopped you from loving the sport though. [UNDERGOI...
  • erwin
  • shingekinokyojin
  • mike
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The World She Laid Eyes On by Th3Walk3rSlay3r
The World She Laid Eyes Onby Annie
Tears slipped past my eyes as I gently touched his cheek, "I just wish 'forever' were a word that could have belonged to us" ...
  • survey
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Mikasa's Sister? (AOT x Reader x BTS)  by LunaGSF
Mikasa's Sister? (AOT x Reader x LunaGSF
(Reiner, Armin, Jean, Eren, Levi, Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung and Yoongi x Reader) Y/N is Mikasa's little sister, but they are the same age. Mikasa is born in February and...
  • leviackerman
  • bts
  • reiner
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Levi x reader One shots by MagPai08
Levi x reader One shotsby LoveMagPai
This book is a book of one-shots. I do Lemons and Fluff. I also have requests open so you can either message me or leave them on the conversation for requests on my acco...
  • animefanfiction
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  • ackerman
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Blind (Levi AckermanxReader)  by avoCado012
Blind (Levi AckermanxReader) by Anne🐷
A girl who's new to town and a guy who's been blind for years. What would happen if he gets his vision back?
  • modern
  • jaeger
  • eren
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Levi x OlderSister!Reader ~ Ackerman Legend by Katniss_360
Levi x OlderSister!Reader ~ 花樣年華
(Y/n) is the older sister of Levi. She has to make a hard decision that will change both her and Levi's life. *THIS IS NOT INCEST. ONLY LOVE BETWEEN SIBLINGS. NO ROMANT...
  • fanfiction
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  • mikexreader
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My Queen • Levi Ackerman x Reader by NineTailedAhri
My Queen • Levi Ackerman x Readerby ❄️ ahri ❄️
[ UNDER EDITING!!! ] there's something about her life that she wouldn't even believe, the truth and lies beyond it. - disclaimer: i don't own anything here except the ri...
  • ackermanxreader
  • leviackerman
  • leviackermanxreader
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Levi-Nii: A Levi x Reader Fanfic by BellaKuchelAckerman
Levi-Nii: A Levi x Reader Fanficby Isabella
You are (Y/N) Ackerman, Levi's little sister. You guys are really close, almost inseperable. What happens after you guys move out of the Underground? NOTE: I DO NOT OWN...
  • ackerman
  • attackontitan
  • levixreader
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Never Let You Go ▶A Levi Ackerman X Reader◀ by abbimooo
Never Let You Go ▶A Levi ✨abby✨
Tears stream down his cheeks, but he doesn't cry. His eyes grow dark, his teeth clenching. "You're why I do what I do. I can't lose you..." He never opens up a...
  • armin
  • snk
  • mikasaackerman
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White Lies ||!Modern! Levi X Reader||  [COMPLETED] by Alsicker
White Lies ||!Modern! Levi X Ali
||WARNING|| There will be swearing and other types of vulgar situations in this book. If you feel queasy or uneasy at the mention of rape, blood or mental illnesses the...
  • aot
  • love
  • attack
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Levi x Reader || OneShots by AnonymousUser9000
Levi x Reader || OneShotsby !Anonymous_User!
Who loves reading oneshots about our adorable, stoic man who's only 5'3, loves cleaning, and is a tea addict? Cause I do! Join me on this *crappy* journey where we are p...
  • fanfiction
  • aot
  • fluff
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(discontinued.) Levi x Reader One-Shots by skyreiii
(discontinued.) Levi x Reader rayna
THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Here is an old book about scenarios with you and Levi. Requests are closed. Constructive criticism is definitely tolerated! I would love crit...
  • leviackermanxreader
  • titan
  • levirivaille
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Deep Connections - Levi x Reader by crumbee
Deep Connections - Levi x Readerby Crumby Trails...
Y/N has always strived to be her very best, In hope to make her parents proud. But starts to strive harder when her town, Shiganshina falls. She decides to join the trai...
  • snkfanfiction
  • erwin
  • levixreader
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My Alpha ~ Levi x Reader  by Rhina_Dandela
My Alpha ~ Levi x Reader by Rhina Dandela
[NEXT UPDATE - FEB 25] [Updates every MONDAY] "(Y/N), after everything we've been through, I have become certain of one thing. I love you. Having to stay away from...
  • eren
  • armin
  • aot
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"I Promise" Levi Ackerman x Reader by Rhynstone
"I Promise" Levi Ackerman x Readerby Rhyn
"He shows no look of pity or sadness in his face but instead keeps his eyes on the ground. He guides his horse without a slouch, the look on his face, cold. A weird...
  • fanfiction
  • aot
  • lévi
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Cheater |Cheater!Levi x Reader| by xkaazuto
Cheater |Cheater!Levi x Reader|by Kaazuto :)
I am in love with Levi Ackerman, but he cheated. |UNEDITED ORIGINAL|
  • armin
  • mikasa
  • shingekinokyojin
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Annie Leonhardt Lemons ( Annie leonhardt x male reader) by imanihso
Annie Leonhardt Lemons ( Annie imanihso
This was a request to compile all of my Annie lemons in one place. This is just a copy of what happens in my aot series. If you like this go read those. I have them all...
  • reader
  • mikasa
  • annieleonhardtlemon
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A Choice with no Regrets (Levi x Reader) by gorgeous_levi
A Choice with no Regrets (Levi x Jhasmine
(Y/n) is a warrior. A warrior who considered the Underground City as her real home. A warrior who is as cold as ice, and as hard-headed as a rock. A warrior who doesn't...
  • sisters
  • adultery
  • shingekinokyojin
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