Your Wish is My Command

Your Wish is My Command

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Eren needed a way to prove to his 'friends' that he really had a boyfriend. Ever since day one he had always bragged about how great his was in comparison to their own. he just never thought they would ask to meet him in person...

Panicked, Eren runs up to the nearest boy in sight and begs him to play along. The only problem is, it's Levi. The school's personal 'bad boy', and the one person he's been in odds with since fifth grade.

"What's in it for me?"

"I...I'll grant you three wishes."

"As in you'll give me, or do anything?"

(Ereri fanfic)

EzraMatical EzraMatical Oct 18, 2016
                              2) TOO FOOK HIM HARD
                              3) AND TO FOOK HIM HARD .
EzraMatical EzraMatical Oct 18, 2016
                              ┣ ∧_∧∧∧  ┫
                              ┃(  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‸눈//)
                              ┃ノ^ ̄'⊂⌒ ̄\
                              ( ノ ●       \  ●
                              \   ┣┳┳┳┳┳┫
RosaBob0 RosaBob0 Dec 22, 2016
This is how I am with my friends too because I'm smarter than both of them and my other friend doesn't really try
NyahNyahMotherFacker NyahNyahMotherFacker Dec 17, 2016
I just had to read the name of the chapter and I don't regret a thing about choosing this fanfic. Not. A. Thing.
Shiiitt I was so late on my first day I ended up missing first period
mapa12lol mapa12lol Oct 30, 2016
Isn't wolf girl and black Prince ur referring to but the girl is a boy here.  I knew it was similar. But good story