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Tea Leaves (Levi x reader) by PixelArtist203
Tea Leaves (Levi x reader)by Aesthetically Disspleasing
Y/N Jaeger owns a tea shop in Trost District as a way to forget about the death of her mother and the separation from her brother and his friends. Levi was on his way to...
  • ereri
  • jeanmarco
  • titan
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Enmity- A Levi Ackerman x Reader by ThisIsRoseB
Enmity- A Levi Ackerman x Readerby Rose B
You were small, petite, even breakable as some might say but that didn't stop you. You were going to show them what they had coming without even so much as a word. Thoug...
  • snkxreader
  • xreader
  • aot
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Protector / Levi x Reader by jhskthlia
Protector / Levi x Readerby Lia
(Y/N) (L/N) is a temporary medic for the scouts, and she is also Erwin's only daughter. Though she used to be a scout, after one slightly botched mission, her father has...
  • levivreader
  • jeankirschtein
  • petraral
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Reign Of Blood|Levi Ackerman by BellaAlvarez
Reign Of Blood|Levi Ackermanby Bella
"You interest me." "What, like a book interests you?" Insubordinate. Reckless, Stubborn. Terrifying. These are just a few words that can describe Kat...
  • freedom
  • shingekinokyojin
  • love
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Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X MegaBlazethecat
(Important: DO NOT REPOST, STEAL OR COPY my work, please!) This is a wondrous set of boyfriend scenarios about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. All of the scenarios c...
  • ackerman
  • x-reader
  • leviheichou
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Waking up in AoT by TheFreckledMarcoBodt
Waking up in AoTby TheFreckledMarcoBodt
What happens when a normal, 15-year-old girl suddenly wakes up in her favorite anime? Read to find out! -Includes manga spoilers -Blood, gore, major character death (it...
  • readerinsert
  • shingekinokyojin
  • aot
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heartless [Levi x Reader] by Shadowritestories
heartless [Levi x Reader]by Shade
[COMPLETED] You hated him. He hated you. But now he's acting all depressed, and you were supposed to help him.
  • attackontitan
  • levixreader
  • snkxreader
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Stranded -Modern Levi Rivaille- by Call-Me-Ryuzaki
Stranded -Modern Levi Rivaille-by Call-Me-Ryuzaki
Levi x Reader
  • shingekinokyojin
  • readerinsert
  • levirivaille
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I. self care hotline. levi ackerman x reader by corptearamisu
I. self care hotline. levi arra
" remember to have a nice day, brat. " in which Levi Ackerman enters a line of work he seems the least suitable for - a hotline receiver providing comfort, rea...
  • snk
  • shingekinokyojin
  • erwinsmith
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[On Hold] A love against time - Eremika by Maelstroem
[On Hold] A love against time - Maelström
[Warning: Manga Spoilers] Year 853 Three years after discovering the truth in his basement in Shiganshina, Eren Yeager knows that he has only 5 years left to live. For...
  • snkfanfiction
  • mikasaxeren
  • erenjaeger
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Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) by Awesome-dude
Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 ( Awesome-Dude
This is my second book dedicated to the lovely Levi Ackerman. Usually updated 2-3 times a week unless I'm super busy. I do write smut or lemons. Not accepting requests. ...
  • aot
  • leviheichou
  • oneshotcollection
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A Reason to Live||Eren x Reader by Reluctant_Raven
A Reason to Live||Eren x Readerby Reluctant_Raven
(c)for the cover goes to @gravityfallsgeek21 || Humanity was suddenly reminded that day....of the terror of being at their mercy... of the humiliation of being trapped i...
  • aoteren
  • attackontitaneren
  • shingekinokyojineren
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Levi x Feline!Reader by Katniss_360
Levi x Feline!Readerby 花樣年華
(Y/n), a (h/c) haired cat lives a perfect and normal life with her human companion Levi. What will happen when Levi leaves for work one day? What will happen to (y/n)? B...
  • levixreader
  • fanfiction
  • readerinsert
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Don't Be Sorry [ERERI/RIREN] by FairytaleTalia
Don't Be Sorry [ERERI/RIREN]by FairytaleTalia
Hanji gets Eren drunk. And that dork stumbles right into his heichou's room, forcing a kiss on Levi as he can't control himself. What happens when they get closer? ^^^^...
  • aot
  • attackontitan
  • shingekinokyojin
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rambling rose - (Levi x Reader) by atolla
rambling rose - (Levi x Reader)by ami
"Just then an angel wearing nothing but gucci walked in." As if being accepted for the latest run of the hit show Corps House isn't crazy enough Y/N finds hers...
  • terracehouse
  • shingekinokyojin
  • aot
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Sea Green and Coffee Beans (Riren/Ereri) by Catskyra
Sea Green and Coffee Beans ( c
Hange gives Levi a new pet, Neko Eren. Levi and Eren fight through the troubles of their pasts together and fall in love. Mostly fluff, some smut Cover Art does not belo...
  • erenxlevi
  • completed
  • ereri
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Levi x Reader Oneshots Book 1 by Awesome-dude
Levi x Reader Oneshots Book 1by Awesome-Dude
I hit the limit of chapters allowed on Wattpad so I am still writing oneshots but not in this book.
  • aotxreader
  • leviheichou
  • watty
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The Divorced Neighbors. [REWRITING] by Heichou_Anna
The Divorced Neighbors. [REWRITING]by Anna
>‿‿◕ Story idea does not belong to me. I got this idea here -> ( <- This story is about two divorced parents, liv...
  • levixeren
  • boyxboy
  • yaoi
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 Dom Levi X Sub Eren (ERERI) by livvyg1
Dom Levi X Sub Eren (ERERI)by livvyg1
the title is pretty self explanatory.⚠ There will be SMUT lots of SMUT ⚠ I hope you enjoy it. It's in French too C'est en français aussi (chapitre 4)
  • shingekinokyojin
  • domlevi
  • heichou
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Łittłe Miss Bąđąss |Levi x Reader| by xkaazuto
Łittłe Miss Bąđąss |Levi x Reader|by kaazuto ✨
The underground boxing rings are a ruthless place. Many leave with broken noses, twisted arms, black eyes. That never stopped you from loving the sport though. [UNDERGOI...
  • jean
  • snk
  • eren
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