Don't You Trust Me by xxdeathwishxx212
Don't You Trust Meby Lawliet TJ
Eren is a senior in high school. Levi is his french teacher and has been his closest friend for the past four years of high school. Eren is 18 Levi is 25. In just two we...
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  • ereri
  • lévi
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The Mafia Boss by zerozaki_Zen
The Mafia Bossby zerozaki_Zen
NOTE: This fic is in an Omegaverse AU. If you are not aware of it, please research it~ Yes, I am Levi Ackerman. A Mafia boss. People feared me from the moment they hear...
  • omega
  • fluff
  • romance
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I Finally Caught You (OmegaVerse: Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) by x_omegalevi
I Finally Caught You ( Levi <3
OmegaVerse AU! Prince Levi x Servant Eren. Levi Ackerman one of the strongest and most adored in his kingdom. His Uncle declares that Levi needs to find a mate, so they...
  • leviheichou
  • omegaverse
  • omega
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Papa, Marry Me! by SacielArakawa
Papa, Marry Me!by Saciel Arakawa
Child! Eren and Papa! Levi. Levi, the leader of mafia called Wings of Freedom, helped an abandoned child who bleeding at alley called Eren. They lived in awkward, but s...
  • riren
  • shota
  • ereri
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In A Girl's Shoes by GarekiKun
In A Girl's Shoesby Author-chan
Eren gets accepted into an elite school, however it's an all girls school which means Eren has to blend in and look like a girl. One day, he meets a boy named Levi, the...
  • highschool
  • riren
  • boyxboy
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A Fanboy And A Dollar (Ereri) by Sly_Fur
A Fanboy And A Dollar (Ereri)by Sly_Fur
Eren was a friendly, carefree 13-year-old living in the city of New York, where he met a homeless teenager around his age. Pitying him, Eren gives the vagrant boy a doll...
  • boyxboy
  • snk
  • love
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Eren x Levi  Nightmares  {ATTACK ON TITAN} (COMPLETE) by xBooks_From_Spacex
Eren x Levi Nightmares {ATTACK ŃĄMÊŁĘŠŚ
Eren x Levi . Eren finds himself awake late at night, he runs into Levi's room to find comfort. After that one night, it had changed what the two think of eachother. Af...
  • ereri
  • levixeren
  • yaoi
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A new home and...master? by Neko-lovelies
A new home and...master?by Neko LEVI~
Seme Levi x Eren Eren Jaeger is just a nobody at school, he's a sweet kid but a hot headed one as well. one day his life will change forever.. sorry for the shitty descr...
  • snk
  • rirenfanfic
  • fanfiction
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Pose For Me, Levi (An Ereri modern fanfic) Slow Updates by Fangirling6754
Pose For Me, Levi (An Ereri Hannah
(Unedited) Eren is a famous photographer that specializes in male models. Levi is a new, and ragingly popular model with a secret. He's actually gay. Aaaaaaaannnndddd...
  • rirenfanfic
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Man Whore! |Ereri| by The_Silent_Writer63
Man Whore! |Ereri|by TitanKilerGaySwimmer
Levi Ackerman is known as the schools, "Man Whore," with both genders. Eren Jaeger, is a almost invisible transfer student. He came from a broken home, he was...
  • attackontitan
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  • riren
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Mr. Ackerman // Ereri // [Wattys2017] by beachcal
Mr. Ackerman // Ereri // [ bailey x
"If you misbehave, I guarantee you'll be severely punished." "Maybe you'll learn I don't give a shit, Mr. Ackerman." *I OWN NOTHING, ALL CHARACTERS...
  • teacherxstudent
  • erenjaeger
  • ereri
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Maria and Rose {Mpreg} by jaegerackereri
Maria and Rose {Mpreg}by jaegerackereri
There are two tribes, one called Maria, the other known as Rose. Both equal in power, both have an equal amount of members. However when the two omegan children of the...
  • leviackerman
  • ereri
  • erenjaeger
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Call My Name - Levi/Eren (Werewolf AU) - AoT/SnK by c-heulwen
Call My Name - Levi/Eren ( Cyrillia Heulwen
Eren Jaeger lived his normal-17-year-old-werewolf's life as a member of Wild Titan Pack, before everything changed in just one night when the enemy attacked for trying t...
  • alternateuniverse
  • shingekinokyojin
  • erenxlevi
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Poker Man by Eren-Ackerman2352
Poker Manby Agustina D
Poker Man is the most Infamous and diabolical criminal mastermind in the world of crime; striking fear into anyone who even hears the name. He got his signature name fro...
  • itfucksyourmindup
  • underage
  • highschoolereren
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Dehydration {Riren smutty Mpreg Vampire AU} 🖤 by attack__on__yaoi
Dehydration {Riren smutty Mpreg attack__on__yaoi
Eren Jaeger is a teenage boy aged 19 who has been born and raised in a wealthy household... one night he saw a man outside his window; the man was in agony... But when...
  • bank
  • bloodsucker
  • attackontitanau
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Servant (PrinceLevi x ServantEren) by KillerWolfGirlx
Servant (PrinceLevi x ServantEren)by KillerWolfGirlx
This is an Eren x Levi. Where Levi is the prince of Shoganshina and Eren is a simple servant. One day Levi decides he wants a personal Servant and chooses the bright eye...
  • ereri
  • attack
  • completed
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Jealousy [RIREN] by King_of_ships
Jealousy [RIREN]by King_of_ships
Jean likes Eren. Erwin claims to love him too. Eren doesn't know why they want him when there are many other females better than him to choose from. But Eren has come to...
  • attackontitan
  • yaoi
  • levixeren
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Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys2016 by mintymingyu
Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} n
|COMPLETED| *A Vampire!Eren x Levi FanFiction* A unique rose that wilts, unless the love behind it fades. * * * Note: I do not own any of the characters from Attack on T...
  • yaoi
  • eren
  • jaeger
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[Ereri] Neko Shift by Zothix
[Ereri] Neko Shiftby Haru
Levi wakes up in cat form, not remembering anything from what happened. He is a stray cat, but also half human. He sleeps on the street as a cat, but where he woke up wa...
  • riren
  • boyxboy
  • snk
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Jealous Heichou(Now edited Story)  by LoveStoryOfDeath106
Jealous Heichou(Now edited Story) by Alexis °•×•°
This is Riren/Ereri fanfiction. It might contain lemon or smut. What happen when Levi is getting jealous by everyone around Eren. I dont own Attack on Titan and it chara...
  • yaoi
  • aot
  • levixeren
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