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Wishing Tree  |Alternate Ending | by 27ka27
Wishing Tree |Alternate Ending |by 27ka27
Bringing Eren Yeager back to life, Ymir connects him to Mikasa. Allowing them to feel each other's physical pains. Forced to run away from Erens choices, they will go o...
"Do I Deserve It?" (Eren's second chance) (AOT) by EreMikaheart
"Do I Deserve It?" (Eren's EreMika
MANGA SPOILERS: I know a lot of people have already written fan fictions on this topic but this one will be different. After Mikasa killed Eren, Eren got a second chanc...
I Love You... In Every Universe (AOT Alternative Universe) by EreMikaheart
I Love You... In Every Universe ( EreMika
SPOILER WARNING: What if in an alternative universe, after Eren's death, he replaces Founder Ymir Fritz and becomes Founder Eren? Let's find out. It's also an EreMika Fa...
Guns and Love | EreMika |✔ by Shixgami20
Guns and Love | EreMika |✔by ✨𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲✨
She's a runaway girl, fleeing from her father, from her so called 'fate'. Living the life she wishes to live. He's one to serve his family, a family that had raised him...
My Gay Husband by CallmeCristine
My Gay Husbandby I'm Frustrated
An arrangement between a gay and his best friend? _______ Mikasa had been in love with Eren ever since they were kids but when she found out that he is gay, heart broke...
A Cruel, Yet Beautiful World (Eren x Mikasa) AoT AU by TeamAquaOfficial
A Cruel, Yet Beautiful World ( TeamAquaOfficial
When Mikasa is saved from her kidnappers by Eren, the girl is sent to live with Levi. The Scout tries to raise the girl the only way he knows how and turns her into a wa...
eremika picture book by 8-path
eremika picture bookby 8-path
just pics of eremika Art doesn't belong to me, all art belongs to their rightful owners.
Sunrise ~ An Eremika Story by brfstories
Sunrise ~ An Eremika Storyby brfstories
In an alternate reality, Mikasa's parents murderers never showed up. Eren and Mikasa never met as children, and she was raised by two loving parents. When Eren and Mikas...
EreMika's High School Life Love Story (AOT) by Xzeopp
EreMika's High School Life Love Xzeopp
Mikasa Ackerman is a cold,silent and unapproachable student at Titan High School.One day,a new student named Eren Yeager transfered to her class and sit beside her empty...
Attack on Titan: A Second Chance (English version) by PranJ1
Attack on Titan: A Second Chance ( Pran J
My 5th story. This is the English version of the Indonesian language Attack on titan story.
This Time  by grandmotherclock
This Time by em
Gothkasa high school AU, idk where this will go, but I'm writing this to help with chapter 139. Link for the fan art used as the cover https://kyojinofbraveos.tumblr.c...
Not you again (Eren x Mikasa) by Nikky_Sonico
Not you again (Eren x Mikasa)by Nikky
Completed! Mikasa and Eren have always hated each other since they were kids. They never did anything together​ and sometimes fought. Eren called her names like "ug...
The Vigilant Prince  by CallmeCristine
The Vigilant Prince by I'm Frustrated
He is known all over the whole world, Eren the Conqueror, the prince of Marley. The cold and heartless killer who had Conquered half of the world in his thirteen years s...
Eren Yeager is Freedom by Iniecheal
Eren Yeager is Freedomby Hoper Gree
Eren died by Misaka. Ymir decided give him second chance from horrible future. Eren will fix everything! Warn I am not good English Writer! This is my first story.
He Lies Within the Sea (eremika) by TheshadeoftheRain
He Lies Within the Sea (eremika)by TheshadeoftheRain
Five years ago, mermaids were discovered to actually exist, but the world's response was to hunt them down for their beautiful, unusual scales and create products like c...
Lost (Naruto/Aot crossover and Eremika) by ItzShady_lol
Lost (Naruto/Aot crossover and ItzShady_lol
The fourth shinobi war is lost, Naruto loses everything and is saved by his close friend Sasuke by teleporting him to another dimension. In this dimension there are gian...
He Was There All Along || An Eremika Fanfiction || by Load_Disk
He Was There All Along || An Load_Disk
A Modern Eremika AU Eren, Mikasa and Armin are roommates in college. But when Mikasa invites her new boyfriend around, things get a little messy.
Ultraman Z X AOT (I Ask You To Chant My Name!) by Ghost-Of-Tsushima
Ultraman Z X AOT (I Ask You To Ghost-Of-Tsushima
Kaiju that have swallowed the evil factors called Devil Splinters are going berserk across the universe. Infused with the power of Ultra's , the Ultra Medals were made t...
highschool haters  by imaweeb4892
highschool haters by imaweeb4892
being the popular bad boy in school you have a reputation but is it worth ruining the friendship with your best friend? hanji is a freshman at scout regiment high she a...
I Hate You But... {eremika} by ymirduh
I Hate You But... {eremika}by ymir☾
eren and mikasa two teens who are part of shiganshina academy, they've always hated each other but it's just a way to hide their true feelings . . . . . . the image of...