Prying into someones personal life [35]

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[I don't even have an excuse for this, I was just lazy to update :) sorry]

Y/n's POV:

While writing papers or homeworks for class.. I looked to find an envelope just below the book I bought in yesterday..
Grabbing and tearing it open.. I realize who it was by the way he talks..

You: Uncle Night eye...

Not gonna lie.. Its been a while ever since I've got to talk to him personally..
It would always be in calls or text messages.. But even that was short lived..

You: so he wants me to be a trainee there?...

Well of course he would choose me..
He sort off got a liking toward me when I was still a child.. Like an uncle to nephew relationship..

Reading the paper more.. I saw a very interesting sentence..

"One of your classmates might be joining you here too"

One of them?..

You: Midoriya..

Its obvious since he has One for all...

I sigh as I put on my jacket getting ready to go outside..

Its only 7:34.. I still can make it in time before it reaches 9

I naturally planned on training for a bit before I step foot in Uncles agency..
Especially when he gives me his Tests...

Oh how I hate those..

~Time skip~

Arriving shortly before it hits 9 nine.. I saw a familiar muscular guy standing in front of Uncle night eyes agency door

You: Mirio

I called out to him making him turn back to me in surprise

Mirio: Oh y/n! You know its a bit too early for you to be here right? And why didn't you come with Midoriya?

You: he was busy talking to father.. So he suggested I would go first..

Mirio: Alright! Come! Mr. Night eye will be so glad on seeing you again!

I deeply sighed as I followed him to his office

You: I'm pretty sure he's just going to give me one of those test again..

Mirio: Oh you mean th-

You: Prediction shit.. Ye

Mirio then slapped the back of my head
Not aggressively but just to get my attention

Mirio: Y/n remember your language!

You: my language is Japanese...

[AN: Your Japanese in the story, its just English translated]

Mirio then sighed heavily as he scratches the back of his head contemplating on how he is suppose to talk to me

Mirio: I didn't mean it that way... Its hard to talk to you sometimes y/n

Grabbing his hand, I put it his hand over mine.. Making him flinch and look at my action

You: I'm not hard.. Look

I positioned his hand to poke my skin

He just smirked and laughed
Making me raise an eyebrow

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