Our Fight part 2 [17]

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Y/n's POV

I stood up the platform as my eyes met my classmate who has a bird head..

You: Tokoyami

Toko: Yagi

We both nodded in unison as we waited for midnight to signal us to start


I immediately summoned a light sword in which Tokoyami flinched on seeing it

Toko: h-how did you know that was dark shadows weakness?

You: simple.. I read Midoriya's notebook and plus.. Its all in the name.. dark-, its kinda obvious of what weakness dark shadow has..

Tokoyami made a 'tch' sound as he glared at my figure
He stood at his spot ready for battle as I slowly lifted up the sword

You: We can end this the hard way or the easy way Fumikage

Tokoyami suddenly flinches at the sound of his first name in which I swear I could see a blush of pink behind all those feathers
He just stood at his spot..

You: I guess you want the hard way.... Fine by me

I started dashing towards him as he commands dark shadow to counter me in which I blocked with the sword

I could see dark shadow struggling a bit because of the light that's been emitting from the sword..
I took the chance and slice away dark shadow

I gust of wind was emitted from my sword when I swung it making Tokoyami's eyes wide in shock
My gazed locked back at him as I started charging once again but this time dark shadow was nowhere to be found

I kicked him down on the floor as I grabbed his leg and through him out of the bounds making a loud 'thud'

Midnight: Tokoyami is out of the bounds! Y/n proceeds to the next round!

I made my way toward Tokoyami as I gave him a hand

You: I'm sorry I have to do that, is dark shadow doing okay?

He grabbed my hand as he stood up nodding

Toko: yes dark shadow is quite alright.. I'll just need to talk to him after this

I nodded as I shakes his hand

You: amazing work

Toko: you too Yagi~kun


I went back to the bleachers as I sat down next to Denki once again
I was breathing quite irregularly as I grabbed my arm already feeling the numbness of it and seeing that most of my arm is already turning a purplelish hue in which it was gladly hidden away by my long sleeves and the gloves Im wearing..

Denki: you okay there y/n?

I nodded as I released my hand trying to forget the painful feeling


It was now Midoriya's and Todoroki's fight.. I sighed knowing that I wouldn't be able to fight with Midoriya if he looses this round, in which is highly likely he would

I watched everything happening suprisingly.. When Midoriya only used his fingers to make huge boost of strong winds to counter Todoroki's ice spikes
In closer look I already saw that most of his fingers are already broken.. Some were now dark red and some are now purple..

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