She's mine! - Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou x Reader by kacchanswife
She's mine! - Izuku Midoriya, Shou...by sierra
(Y/n) is a 16 year old girl who has recently been accepted into her dream school, UA High. Her goal, like every other student in UA, was to be one of the top pro heroes...
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Now or Never by bubblebeast49
Now or Neverby Bryily ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ
"You were great," She said, despite her feelings. He only smirked, despite his feelings, "You were there." (Katsuki Bakugou x OC) ***I DO NOT OWN ANY...
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Two little horns {Katsuki Bakugou x reader} by livwritesfanfictions
Two little horns {Katsuki Bakugou...by Lunatic .-.
'Be your own hero to save yourself Because when your in need of help, no one will one will come to save you' That was my quote until I met an angry teenager. {IMPORTANT:...
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Katsuki Bakugou x Reader oneshots (Slow Updates) by Fox051
Katsuki Bakugou x Reader oneshots...by DON'TFUCKINGVAPEONTHEP!ZZA
Welp this is my first book and i really hope its aleast somewhat decent. I NO OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS IN BNHA Also i do not own any of the art that i put it all belong...
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Your Hero[Bnha x Male reader]  by Demon_Daddy
Your Hero[Bnha x Male reader] by Ligma
•Boku No Hero Academia fanfiction• •"Loving someone else is an emotion to replace the feeling of not loving yourself-" •"People like me shouldn't get a s...
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Quirkful vs Quirkless (My hero Academia) by Shiro-sama21
Quirkful vs Quirkless (My hero Aca...by Shiro-chan
What if Izuku had a sister? How would things turn out? Shirohana is the loving sister of Izuku Midoriya. She has lived a tough life in the hospital. What happened when...
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Rival Flames •||• A Boku no Hero Academia OC Story by xxxRavenKnightxxx
Rival Flames •||• A Boku no Hero A...by Creati
FIRE IS TO STRENGTH AS FLAME IS TO PASSION. The problem with the world is losing touch of which is which. A dreadful fact that I learned in the grieving age of four. K...
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My Hero Katsuki Bakugou by Amane8009
My Hero Katsuki Bakugouby Amane8009
Katsuki Bakugou x Reader one-shots! I will write Lemons, fluff, angst, ect ect. I may be talked into writing for more characters, but my favorite is Katsuki so for the m...
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BNHA x reader ❁ one-shots by AsianQueenie
BNHA x reader ❁ one-shotsby ♔Queenie♔
❝ we could be heroes... me and you... ❞ ❁Requests are open~! ❁ ❁Boku No Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia One-Shots! ❁ ❁BNHA and its characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi...
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❛ HEAT ❜ | BNHA | BakuDeku | KatsuDeku by CottontailMorlace
❛ HEAT ❜ | BNHA | BakuDeku | Katsu...by Marnie C. Evans
❝K-Kacchan... Please...❞ ❝'Gotta be real fucking specific, Deku,❞ ❝Fuck me.❞ ❝That's more like it.❞ ______ Izuku Midoriya has successfully hidden his status as an Omega...
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Mine 《bakudeku》one-shot Stories by Awesome_is_yoda
Mine 《bakudeku》one-shot Storiesby Awesome_is_yoda
Changed the description! Recommendations are open! The first eight one-shot chapters are a whole story! Thanks for reading! Not the best writer, but I hope you enjoy!
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Katsuki's New Sibling Life (boku no hero academia x child reader) by Shiyiku_Sprite12
Katsuki's New Sibling Life (boku n...by ShiyikuSprite
Well, we all have our times as an older or younger, if you are an older-or the oldest-sibling, good luck! Though not many has an older or younger sibling, not even Katsu...
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circles // Todoroki x reader x Bakugou by chaseaquatic
circles // Todoroki x reader x Bak...by chaseaquatic
"Heart on your sleeve like you've never been loved; running in circles, now look what you've done." -Friends, Chase Atlantic *y/n = your name* y/n is a student...
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Dysfunctional (BnHA Fanfic) by insxnerate-
Dysfunctional (BnHA Fanfic)by Burn in Hell
『 I'm stronger now, thanks so much 。』 "Hey, Kacchan, jumping off a building actually gave me a quirk." ー 「Villain Deku」 「Noumu Deku」 「Insane Childish Deku」 ー ※...
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Miss Me? by asgardixn
Miss Me?by ♡♡
HE WOULD'VE NEVER THOUGHT HE WOULD LOVE A VILLAIN. ┈ BOOK ONE OF HERO OR VILLAIN TRILOGY ┈ Izuku Midoriya ran away and was found by a League of Villains member. He wen...
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MY MOON (Katsuki bakugou x reader)(omegaverse) by its_The_golden_queen
MY MOON (Katsuki bakugou x reader)...by glQQQ👑
(Y/N) is a omega who runs away with her mum because hunters and alphas of other packs wanting power are killing her pack , Mitsuki bakugou, an alpha accepts them on her...
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Phoenix | Katsuki Bakugou by mikeyswan
Phoenix | Katsuki Bakugouby sza
she was the tangled web that no one could get out of, until he entangled right in to untangle her himself [ bnha characters belong to Kōhei Horikoshi. ocs belong to the...
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Water(Katsuki Bakugou x reader) by Carxna04
Water(Katsuki Bakugou x reader)by Carina
(Y/N) is finally going to make her dreams come true. She is going to be like her mum. It's been 5 years since her mother died and it's been 4 years since she saw her fat...
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The Number Ones (A Villain Midoriya A.U) by Tomura_Sass
The Number Ones (A Villain Midoriy...by Imawi Jannete
A story where Izuku Midoriya loved Villains instead of heroes. He aimed to be the number one Villain amongst all! Izuku wanted despair, war, pain, death, torture etc. Ye...
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Monstrous Hero- My Hero Academia x Fairy Tail (Oc) by aiimee9
Monstrous Hero- My Hero Academia x...by 9
Koyuki Dragoon is an Ice and Water Dragon Slayer mage of Fairy tail. Her dragon parent's disappeared the same year as every dragon, year 777. After being discovered and...
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