A boy who cant feel [1]

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[I did a slight change, so I'm really sorry for the old reader]

Doctor: I'm sorry ma'am but your son has Alexithymia.. Which means he is unable to feel strong emotions or feelings

Mom: is there anything we can do to help him have emotions?

mother pleaded as she looked at the doctor.. Concern in her eyes as she tries not to cry

Doctor: I am sorry but as till today.. Scientist still haven't found a cure for this type of disorder... I'm sorry ma'am but your son will be like this until he grows older

I was sitting next to mama while I heard the guy with a wierd white non buttoned dress talk to her.. Making her.... Cry?
Thats the word right? When drops of water fall out of your eyes?

I watch my mom cry... Pulling on her sleeve

You: momma?

Mom then looked at me.. Tears starts to fall more as she hugged me tight making me loose my breath

Mom: I'm so sorry y/n!! I should have taken more precaution before you were born! Mommy is so sorry!

She pleaded as her voice echo's around the room... I eventually wrapped my hands around her body.. Trying to comfort her trembling figure


While eating I accidentally summoned a knife on my hand, leaving a bloody mark on my hand

My mother then rushed for the first aid kit and starts to cover up the small wound

Mom: *she chuckles lightly* I guess you got your fathers quirk

Mom said as she strokes my cheek with her hand


5 years later

I heard someone being thrown on the floor.. I quickly jumped off my bed as I was curious about the loud thud sound

My eyes widen as I saw my mother on the ground motionless and drenched with blood

Her body laid on the floor and a man stood in front of her

You: father?

I questioned with still no emotions
He quickly turns around and he pierces me with his crimson eyes, glaring at me

Father: you are not my son, and you will never be!

I stood there on my spot.. A shadow looming over my eyes as I stared at my mothers dead corpse

Father: so your gonna tell on me huh?

Your father chuckles as tears falls down his eyes

Father: you wouldn't have the guts to do s-

As fast as light, my fathers stomach was stabbed by my long sword which I summoned not long ago
You looked up to him

You: I guess you are NOT my father

I said emotionless as I twist the sword in him, making him fall to his back..
After a few minutes.. All I see were the 2 dead bodies of my parents..
I dropped the sword making it dissapear as I felt wet droplets from my face
I touched it and felt myself crying

Im... Crying?

I tried wiping the tears but it kept falling out like I was a broken faucet
Well broken is such a strong word
I'll just call myself.. An empty husk that doesn't care for anything and anyone anymore

Pro hero's started to burst into our house as I just stayed in the same position as before

Aizawa: fuck.. Were too late.. I guess Decius forgot his pills again..

A buff tall guy then approached me, putting his hand on my shoulder

All might: I'm so sorry son...

I just stood there.. Shadows still looming over my eyes as my bangs hid my eyes more and silent tears fall down my face.. But in closer look.. My face still has that natural yet tired expression on like last time

All might: Aizawa, I will be taking care of this kid from now on

Aizawa: are you sure? This kid is quite a handful when Liana talks about him

The long black haired guy says as he orders the other people behind him to take the 2 corpses

All might: it is fine Aizawa.. Liana and I are really close friends, and I know she will completely trust me with her son

Aizawa: yea right...

All might: as for today till end.. You will be called y/n Yagi... You son... Will be adopted by me all might

He says as he leans down to my level and puts his big hand on my head

I just looked at him blankly and just nodded

You: if mother likes you, I will follow you

Is what I said before being carried by the hero and me falling asleep in his arms after..

I guess this is my life now..

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