Hero Camp [25]

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Y/n's POV

We were all now climbing in the bus..
And lucky for the people who failed cause they still had a chance to come anyway.. But they still had to have extra academics since they failed..
How sad can the world would be huh?

All the while the bus was climbing up a huge mountain.. I couldn't help but think about the scenerio that happened back in that dinner or restaurant..

Bakugou huh?

I sighed as I felt a light tap on my shoulder.. Looking.. I saw todoroki

Todo: Are you still thinking about the situation yesterday?

I merely nodded as I gazed back at the window..
Me and Todoroki had had been comfortable sitting beside each other when it comes to bus rides so its no surprise that he would start a conversation any time soon.. Since he would always start it..

Todo: don't worry about it too much.. It might just be one of those punks that wanted to scare teens just for entertainment..

You: I hope that's the case.. But hey Shoto

He then blushed at the sudden hear of his first name from my mouth..

Todo: Y-yes?

When he realized he stuttered.. He quickly turned away hiding his mouth with his hand

You: I need you to protect Bakugou

He then let go of his mouth as he stared at me with confusion

Todo: why? And why Bakugou?

You: Its hard to explain, but I'll take care everything after.. Just keep your eye on Bakugou

I then side eyed Bakugou as I furrowed my eyebrows..

You: He might be in great danger..

His eyes then widen.. But he eventually nodded on my words.. I gave him a nod back as I gaze back at the window



A group of people dressed in cat costumes then went up to us as we exited the bus.. I his behind my classmates so I couldn't be seen by the 'Cats'

I wonder how's Mr. Chub chub doing right now?...

I was lost in thought when I then saw a girl about on her 30's walk up to me.. Eyeing me up and down.. She then pointed at me with her red paw..

Well shit..

Mandalay: I WANT HIM!

The other pussycats then looked towards me.. And then a shine covers their eyes as they approached me..

Pixiebob: You so handsome!!! Tell me! Do you want to be my sidekick?

Tiger: What about mine?

Ragdoll: No mine!!

I was about to talk when I mascular hand grabbed my arm harshly as I was forcefully dragged away from the eyes of the pussycats..
I looked up to see...

Explains the harsh grip..

You: can you let me go now?

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