Fixing the broken pieces [28]

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Y/n's POV

I was on my bed covered with bandages head to toe.. Just staring at the white ceiling above me..
My arm was over my forehead as I recall the events that happened the past couple of days.....

Father is.... Alive?...

But... He shouldn't be...

But.. Should I be.... Happy that his alive?....


I rubbed my eyes as I kept my gaze at the white ceiling of my room...

All might: Hey son... Are feeling up for going outside for a bit?

I slightly shake my head 'no' as father sighed making his way towards my bed as he sat just beside my laying body

All might: I already informed your classmates parents that all of class 1-A will be staying at dorms until further notice..

I hummed in response..
Still feeling like an empty husk.. My hair was still white and my eyes was still stuck with its dead crimson color..

Father patted my head gently as he looked at me with worry with his eyes..
And I'm pretty sure he would start crying if he speaks more to me..

All might: I know its hard champ.. Seeing your real father in that state isn't the best way to see him... Especially when you know that he'd been dead for most of your life..

I guess he doesn't know about my mother...
Nobody saw her body?...
Ugh.. My memories are such a blur after that incident..

I looked at him with no emotions as I started to speak..

You: Did you know that he was still alive?

He shakes his head in denial as he looks down

All might: Non of us knew.. I'm really sorry..

I looked back up at the ceiling as I closed my eyes.. Not wanting to speak again..

All might: ill get the maid to ready your clothes and other stuff to move into the dorms.. You can go whenever you like okay son?

I just nodded as I covered myself with my f/c blanket over my body..
Father just sighed as he left the room.. Closing the door as he leaves me alone..

I then summoned a knife as I eyed it while I sat up from my laying position..

Is it better... If I... Joined them?

I touched the tip of the knife with my finger as red crimson liquid flows down it..

Maybe I should j-


I was cut from my trance as I hear a ring from my phone beside me..
I even nearly forgotten that I had a phone in the first place since I've been stuck in this room with no communication or anybody to talk to me for days now..
I reluctantly picked up my phone as I answered with my exhausted groggy voice..

You: hello?...

Midoriya: Y/n!!! Were so glad you finally picked up after days! We were getting worried...

Uraraka: Yea! You've not answered any of our calls or text for 5 days now...

You: is this on speaker?

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