Stain [21]

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[Another long ass chapter]

Y/n's POV

I was sitting on a rock.. Exhaustion crawling through my body as I breathe in air irregularly.. My shirt was on the ground below leaving me with my bare chest not covered.. And my hair was messy like I haven't showered for days now..

Mizuki: cmon now pretty boy! Don't tell me you got tired because of an over night training session?

I looked up at her with my cold demeanor in which she shivered..

Mizuki: Okay I admit I went a little too fa-

You: a little?

I raised my eyebrow as I looked up at her

Mizuki: okay, a lot.. But you can't be just be sitting their! We need to go to Hosu city soon!!

You: why?

Mizuki: You need to meet my uncle Gran Torino!!

You: who?

She froze at her spot while she looked at me quite disappointed

Mizuki: ugh.. His All mights mentor back in the day..

I made an 'o' with my mouth as I started to get up from my spot..

You: when are we gonna meet this guy?

Mizuki: later! So pack your needed supplies! I'll call you when were gonna leave!

I nodded as I started to head to my room..
I started to pack the needed stuff I need for the trip..

Hosu City huh?

I started to think again.. Would Iida really get revenge?.. I wouldn't understand how he would feel now.. About his brother and all..
I then let out a breath of air as I stood up

Feeling the urge to message Iida, I grabbed my phone as I started typing

Class Sonic

Iida, how are you doing?

Y/n~kun! I'm doing quite alright!

No big plans?

I don't see any plans than following my
Mentor around Hosu city haha!



I guess his fine
I then heard a knock at my door.. I opened it seeing Kazuchi in front of me
He looks up at me and then down to my chest.. He started fuming as he looks away

Kazuchi: Can you fucking put on a shirt????

Ahh... I forgot to wear one..
I then grabbed a spare shirt from my bag as I put it on

You: Can I help you?

Kazuchi: No but I'm here to help you

I raised my eyebrow as he started to get closer to me

Kazuchi: Give me your hand

I calmly placed my hand over his slightly smaller ones
He then furrowed his eyebrows as he looked up at me, in which made me confused

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