Puppet Boy by z0mbies
Puppet Boyby z0mbies
"My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry...
  • kidnapping
  • gore
  • scary
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Jack The Ripper// h.s. by faithjamieandvic
Jack The Ripper// h.s.by faithjamieandvic
  • sexual
  • styles
  • harry
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Caught (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface
Caught (Sangwoo x Reader)by Katjaface
You had been held captive by Sangwoo and tortured for months while Yoon Bum stayed upstairs. After Oh Sangwoo gets caught and arrested, you're trying to get your life ba...
  • gore
  • murder
  • sangwooxreader
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Molded (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface
Molded (Sangwoo x Reader)by Katjaface
Question: Why would anyone willingly live with a psychopathic murderer? Answer: Maybe it's because they were molded just for him.
  • featured
  • killingstalking
  • sangwooxreader
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| Sick Love | Male Yandere Half-brothers x reader  by Kuro-Kuro_12
| Sick Love | Male Yandere Half-br...by •Author-chan•
You are a daughter of a famous model . You find out that your mother is going to remarry a good looking guy. The guy your mother is going to marry have 2 sons and they'...
  • creepy
  • gore
  • halfincest
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Hello Mr. Psycho || JJK || 'Psychopath au'||✔ by ChimmyMai
Hello Mr. Psycho || JJK || 'Psycho...by Himeshidou Mai
A simple an easy to follow guide to deal with your psychopath yandere stalker. How? Coz Only a psychopath can deal with another psychopath. *~*~*~* "You are mine...
  • bts
  • horror
  • hoseok
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Yoonbum x Reader X Sangwoo by RandomAriii
Yoonbum x Reader X Sangwooby RandomAriii
Y/N loves Yoonbum. Sangwoo loves Yoonbum. Yoonbum loves...who?
  • xreader
  • stalker
  • sangwoo
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(On Hold) My Baby Girl~(Yandere Father x Daughter Reader) by XxKitty_JamsxX
(On Hold) My Baby Girl~(Yandere Fa...by CallMeKitty :3
(Yandere Father x Young Daughter Reader) (Yandere Demon x Young Daughter Reader) (Yandere Angel x Young Daughter Reader) Since your Mom would go to her job to make money...
  • lime
  • yanderefather
  • gore
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Gothic Riddles. by -AnotherBlue-
Gothic Riddles.by Siddharth๏̯͡๏
Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each...
  • creepy
  • riddles
  • murder
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The Doll Collector by AllessandraSilis
The Doll Collectorby Allessandra Silis 🌹
• Highest Ranking #6 in Horror 9/9/2017 Bloody mannequins have been found in various parts of the city of Los Angeles; all dressed in the clothes of missing women, and w...
  • halloween
  • terror
  • serialkiller
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Black vs White | Yandere Guys x Reader by -angstchild
Black vs White | Yandere Guys x Re...by 50
--●Old book, not going to be revised or redrafted●-- New school, new start, new friends - and things couldn't be going better. Well, that is, until you had two men after...
  • angels
  • yandereharem
  • gore
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Hunted (Yandere!Hunterxnaga!reader)  by crying_cloud_1O1
Hunted (Yandere!Hunterxnaga!reader...by D.C
Hunted (Hunter!Yandere!xNaga!Female!Reader) I was the last of my species. Always alone. I never tried to contact the...outsiders. It was too dangerous. However what I...
  • gore
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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Sweet Sympathy (Leatherface x reader) by RaevynEden
Sweet Sympathy (Leatherface x read...by MichaelJacksonsFingerTape
You were "taken in" by the Hewitt family at the mere age of 5. "Big Brother" Tommy was the one who took you to Mama after Sheriff Hoyt wanted you dea...
  • scary
  • massacre
  • hewitt
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💛You're The Reason🖤(VenomXFemale!Reader) by cookie_chan9
💛You're The Reason🖤(VenomXFemale...by 🍪Miss_Cookie🍪
Venom Movie 2018 Fanfiction _______________________ Y/N Was a 23 year old Girl After a Tragic Accident in her childhood she has some secrets that she prefers to keep i...
  • venomxreader
  • fluff
  • blood
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Manipulation (Boku no hero academia) by Kaltias
Manipulation (Boku no hero academi...by Kaltias
What would you do If you have the Ability To Manipulate Everything? Well this story is talking about a Boy With an Ability To Manipulate Literally Anything.
  • wattpride
  • uraraka
  • ochako
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My Soft Psycho by oppaiscringe
My Soft Psychoby
There is a type of fish, called a Betta fish. They are small and come in different colors, wonderful to keep as beginner pets for small children who want to experience w...
  • angst
  • j-hope
  • psycho
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Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere x Emotionless! Reader) by PhantomFics
Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere x...by PhantomFics
A vampire falling in love with a human wasn't a rare occurrence, but it wasn't a common one either. You gave him a reason to live... a reason to be happy. He needed you...
  • vampireromance
  • insert
  • xreader
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His Queen | pjm✔️ by ddoongi
His Queen | pjm✔️by kitkatie
❝Is it possible to love the same person eternally?❞ ❝If it's you that I love, then it's possible.❞ There's a handsome boy in college and he has everybody talking. Stunni...
  • btscontest2018
  • gore
  • bangtan
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Exchanging Villainy Into Love System [BL] by DanmeiAllTheWay
Exchanging Villainy Into Love Syst...by DanmeiAllTheWay
Bai An Cheng was a mercenary-for-hire in the modern era of advanced technology. He's a bio-engineered human thrown away in an orphanage for reasons still unknown. There...
  • fantasy
  • apocalypse
  • wolves
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Vivid (BoyxBoy) {Pipe Dream: Book I} by MonochromeBlue
Vivid (BoyxBoy) {Pipe Dream: Book...by MonochromeBlue
Ever since an event known as the Disaster, monsters and mayhem rule the world. There are those lucky enough to live inside the Fence, while those who don't, are treated...
  • gore
  • discrimination
  • black
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