abilities [5]

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Y/n's P.O.V

I nodded again

Midoriya: h-how come I never knew this???

You: cause you never asked

Midoriya: b-but you could have told me at least!!

You: yet again.. You never asked so I didn't plan on telling you

Midoriya: if.. You are the adopted child of All might.. Do you know how one for all works?

I nodded in response

Midoriya: d-do you have all for one t-too?

You: well..


9 years ago

All might: y/n dinners ready!

I walked down the stairs as I looked at the food in the table
I sat down and started eating until I felt a noodle like thing in my food and as I tried to get it out..
I then pulled out a strand of hair.. A yellow strand of hair to be exact
All might saw this and he panicked a bit before calming a bit bacause I haven't eaten it..

All might: good thing you haven't ate it son! It would be a me--

He got cut off by me eating the strand of hair without a care

All might: .......shit


You: so that happened, I don't really remember much but father did say that I inherited the all for one but I guess mine isn't as strong as yours since I wasn't chosen by him. I did train with him on how it works, and lucky enough I didn't break my bones

Midoriya: hah.. You didn't have to add the last one.... Anyways.. If that is true.. Can you teach me how it works soon?

I nodded as I stood up

Inkyo: boys! The foods ready!!

Midoriya: coming mom! Cmon y/n!

He said as he dashed outside the door while I walked


I walked back home again soaked with rain water once again..
I removed my blazer as I hoocked it up in the bathroom to dry
The house was quiet since father haven't returned yet, so I decided to cook dinner and just wit for him till then
Or just sleep

After preparing dinner, I ate a piece of f/f and headed upstairs to sleep
I took a short bath and dressed up to go to sleep


Midoriya: All might!

Midoriya shouted to get the hero's attention

All might: ahh yes young Midoriya?

Midoriya: is it true that y/n is your adopted child?

All might: Yes that is true!

Midoriya: and is it true he inherited all for one too?

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