Studying [23]

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Y/n's POV

I was holding unto my stomach as I walk towards my classroom.. I took a sharp breathe before entering it.. And then stares.. It was quiet for a second until most of my classmates tried to ambush me..
I quickly summoned a knife that made them stop.. It almost hit Denki in the chin if he went closer

Denki: W-woah! Chill y/n! We were just worried!

I disintegrated the knife as I raised my eyebrow

Jirou: Ye- we heard about what happened in Hosu city! Were glad that the pro heroes were there on time

You: what do you mean? Were the on-

My mouth was cupped making me unable to speak..

Iida: Yes! We are glad that the pro heroes were there in time too!!

Iida then released his hands off my mouth as I looked up at him.. Making a poker face at the same time

Iida: s-sorry y/n kun! Midoriya will tell you everything soon..

I nodded as I made my way toward my sit
I stroke the bandages on my lower torso as I felt the blood almost covering all the bandages
I sighed as I looked at Midoriya

You: Midoriya, tell Aizawa sensei that ill be at recovery girl, I need to change my bandages again

Midoriya: O-oh! Sure y/n kun! Ill tell Aizawa everything!

I only nodded as I started to head to recovery girls clinic

3rd Person POV

Y/n then started walking toward the clinic, holding unto his stomach.. Leaving the broccoli haired boy feeling really concerned

Midoriya: hey Uraraka San do you think that Y/n will recover soon?

Uraraka: I'm pretty sure he would, just look at Aizawa! He practically removes his mummy facade after a week!

Midoriya only laughed awkwardly as he looked down at his notebook

"But he can't recover that fast tho.."

The green haired boy sighed..
But then the Yellow caterpillar entered the room looking more tired than ever before

Aizawa: Where is Y/n kun?

Midoriya: he had to go to recovery girl to change his bandages Sensei

Aizawa: okay, so as you all know that 4 of our students here has got into issues including the Hero killer.. So we teachers will be training all of you at a training camp

Everybody practically explode in excitement but looking at Aizawa and his smug grin.. I'm pretty sure his not letting us go that easily..

Aizawa: But you have to answer a test before you participate in this activity, if you score lower than average.. You will not be participating

Mina: A test!?

Aizawa: And it will be held in the next 3 days

Denki: 3 days to prepare!???

Aizawa: I wish you all good luck on that

Ding dong ding (earliest lunch period ever.. Why? Cause why not)

Aizawa: Class dismiss

Aizawa then went inside his yellow cocoon as he instantly fell asleep

Mina: What are we gonna dooo???

When the classmates started rambbling on how to pass the following exam.. A familiar h/c boy walks in with his blazer around his waist.. Looking more exhausted than ever

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