Are you cold? [14]

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Y/n's POV

Uraraka: so you have a quirk Like Yoayorozu!???

I nodded I as I drank my (favorite drink)

Bakugou: how come you only use it for weapons idiot??

Midoriya: Yea, we never actually saw you make anything else other than weapons

I shrugged

Todoroki: Can you show us?

I looked at Todoroki raising my eyebrow

Todoroki: Can you make anything else other than weapons?

I nodded as I stretched my hand over the table making a plastic rose
Midoriya started writing more faster in his notebook as he started mumbling more about my quirk

You: I don't like using my quirk on making anything else other than weapons.. I made a promise since 'they' told me that 'only weapons are needed during battles'...

I looked at my cup as I imagine that horrific scene once again when I was still younger

Midoriya:...can you tell us why?..

I opened my mouth as I started telling them the story..



Father: Get up now!

I hold unto my bleeding arm as I struggle to keep the blood flow at hold
I stared at my father with my dull eyes as I gripped harder on my arm

Father: What did I say on using your quirk for other things other than weapons?!

He said in angered as he grabbed my collar

Father: Answer me ghaddammit!!

He through me to the floor as air was released from my lungs from the impact
I sat up slowly as I saw my blurry mother at the corner of my eye, crying... Crying?

You: mother?

Father suddenly turned his head to mother as he gave her a sickening snarl

Father: You better not force me to eat those disgusting pills again bitch! I'll fucking kill the both of you right now!

He turns back at me as he pointed the gun to my head making me immobilize

Father: Say it again.. 'I will never use my quirk for useless things ever again'!!

I repeated his words.. Making him drop his arm to his side making a satisfied face

Father: now fucking clean this up.. The floor is all red now cause of you

I nodded as I started to head to the kitchen to grab a wet rag from the sink
I turned my gaze only seeing my mother approach me with worry in her eyes
She started patching up my wound as I slightly whinced in pain

Mother: I-im so sorry... M-mommy is sorry...

She said between sobs as I looked at her teary face..
I laid my hand on her cheek as I wiped away a tear

You: you are not at fault here.. It was my fault for not following fathers rule

I said as I grab a handkerchief on the table and started to wipe her teary face

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