Dorms [29]

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[Sorry again for the delay...
At this point in time.. I still haven't finished the season 4 cause of personal problems that include the destruction of our town cause of a massive storm...
I am currently writing this while I am offline
But I am willing to finish season 4 so I can finish this book!
But I still have to wait until the power is back on so you guys have to endure the pain of waiting TvT I am hella sorry]
[And I might forget some parts sooooo sorry in advance]


Y/n's POV

After that eventful day..
My physical health had been increasingly better than the past couple of days..
Yes, I was still home for a couple more days to get my thoughts together but in the end.. I was able to go to school and actually go to my dorm in which my classmates generously waited for me since they say that they wanted to go to explore the dorms with me

In the back of my mind.. I would always think..
"Was I the reason for my father's retirement?.."


I was in my room already decorating it..
It was... Uhm.. Simple..
For me at least.. The room consisted of quite expensive technology in which I just thought of something my taste..
I am not planning to be a scientist but technology always had a place in my head that doesn't want to be forgotten
And plus... I'm mostly a technology geek myself

My room was all sci-fi... In which I grown a liking too
(f/c) paint was on my wall as a white carpet laid comfortably on the floor
I put string lights at the corners of my room as some lava lanterns were on either sides of my bed
A high-tech computer just by my bed and a table in which was full of papers in which consisted of weaponry and gadgets

Where did I get the money to buy this stuff?
Ha... Just ask my mentor Elementalist since she pitied me so much she practically gave me her savings...
How I regret on saying yes to her giving me the money tho..

I took a quick shower as I made my way outside to where my classmates were at a lounge talking
I put the towel just around my neck as I approached my classmates

You: How are you guys?..

I said in my same monotone voice

Mina: Your just in time Y/n! We were discussing of having a competition of who's room is best!!

Well shit..
Shouldn't have bought so many stuff then..

Uraraka: Tsuyu and Bakugou are not in this since Bakugou didn't want to do it and Tsuyu wasn't feeling well

Mineta: So who's room should we start first? I suggest the girls rooms first!

You: How about the boys first since I don't want Mineta to go snooping around girls clothing..

Momo: I agree

Mina: So boys it is!!

We all then started going around the 1-A apartment as we started to judge every boys room..
Kirishima's... Was.. Manly... That's what he said at least..
Tokoyami was dark, and I kinda did liked it a bit
Todoroki's was.. Like a Japanese style room..

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