Sports Festival [15]

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[Fuck wattpad.. I have to redo the story since it fucking deleted half of my progressed!!!!!]

Y/n's POV

The training went smoothly with uraraka the past couple of days... Well.. We did have company while doing so
The 3 idiots..

The candy cane, the Suicide bomber and the brocolli head..
I didn't care as much as Uraraka did to be honest.. I would catch a glare from them every so often.. But I couldnt care less


Just a couple more days before the sports festival starts..
I sighed under my breath as I made my way toward the door.. Only seeing a crowd of people blocking it

Kiri: why are this people here?

Bakugou: to seek out their competition and the class who survived the villain attack ofcourse

We all faced bakugou as he started to walk toward the doors outside

Bakugou: if you don't have any business here I suggest you back off extras!

I internally facepalmed as Iida started to make weird gestures again

Iida: you don't call other people extras bakugou!!!

??: I thought this class was up to class but I seemed have miscalculated.. Are you guys all fucked up and rude too?

I turned to see the same purple haired guy I saw from the rooftop weeks ago
I walked over to him.. He saw me instantly as he gave me a small smile

??: well I guess not all of you

You: Im y/n Yagi.. I didn't catch you name last time we met

Midoriya: You've met this gut before y/n?

You: it was just a day, but his features are surprisingly rememberable

??: I appreciate the weird complement.. I'm Shinsou Hitoshi from class 1-b

You: it was nice to meet you but I have to get going, father will be expecting me soon

As soon as I said that.. People started to make a path for me to walk through
I gladly went on my way as the yellow porcupine followed me
We silently agreed to walk home together


It was now the sports festival.. I was sitting in the waiting room with my classmates until Todoroki started speaking

Todo: I know I am better than you Midoriya.. But All might seems like he has a liking towards you.. But I will still beat you nonetheless

I looked up the 2 as I sip on my straw..
This is oddly fun to watch..

Kiri: woah woah! Todoroki you don't need to fight over this! Were friends after all

Todo: I didnt join this school to make friends.

He said as he started to walk out

Midoriya: I know that you are better than me Todoroki but I'll make sure to try my best and beat you!

Todoroki merely looked over his shoulder as he continued to dissapear into the corner

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