Your Smile [12]

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Y/n's POV

2 Days went by really quickly.. But our training sessions won't be forgotten quite easily
They still need to learn more but I'm pretty sure they will reach it


Time: 8:15am
Destination: Classroom
Reason: I'm late and the yellow caterpillar will kill me


I'm usually not late, but I guess today is a pass since I have to change my bandages before I get to school
I don't want to bleed everywhere..

I opened my classroom's door
And low and behold.. I get stares once again

You: I'm sorry that I'm late Aizawa~Sensei.. I'll make sure not to be late again next time

I said as I bowed saying my apologies

Aizawa: its fine Yagi, go take your sit, so as I was saying we will be having a Sports Festival soon.. So you little trouble makers should prepare yourself for it next week, you only have a maximum of 4 days left to get ready

As soon he finished, everyone bursted out screaming in happiness while me and a few others just covered our ears

Few moments later

Aizawa: Class Dismiss

I was packing my bag when a certain pink hair blocked my vision

Mina: Hey Y/n! Are you participating in the festival?

I nodded in agreement as I start to scribble in my notebook before putting it in my bag

Mina: uhmmm heeeyy y/n?

You: yes?


I raised my finger to answer

you: a-

Everyone in the room: no

But was completely cut off by people glaring holes in us

Mina: You guys are no fun.. Next time then Y/n!

I nodded as people starting to glare at me more aggressively in which I completely ignored..


Midoriya's POV.

4 Days left huh?... Maybe I should ask Y/n again to train together...
I just hope the others won't be there again

Todoroki's POV.

4 Days? Maybe asking Y/n to train together tomorrow, just him and me
Wait- why am I thinking like this?

Bakugou's POV.

That bastard will train with me tomorrow, he can't refuse me!

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