blood [22]

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You: Mother.. Did father hit you? Doesn't he love you?

Mother: of course he does sweety.. Your papa just has some issues controlling his anger.. That's why papa needs his pills to stop being really angry all the time..

She says as she tenderly cups my cheeks, slowly rubbing her thumb at it..

You: you love papa right?

Mother: Yes sweety, I really do

You: how do you know when you love someone?

My mother was silent for a moment before giving me a sad smile..

Mother: well.. Love is where you really deeply care about someone.. And you are willing to risk anything just to be with them..

You: like when I swallowed a frog and you pulled it out before I started choking?

My mother laughs lightheartedly before giving me a tenderly hug..

Mother: yes, because I really care about you.. Very.. Very much..

I closed my eyes as I felt mother stroking soft circles on my back as I laid my head on the croock of her neck..

Mother: its time for you to wake up now y/n...

"Wake up y/n..."



I groaned slightly as I tiredly opened my ice.. Only seeing a white ceiling above me.. I sighed as I recalled the events that happened back in Hosu City..
I bent my arms as I tried sitting up.. But failed when I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen..

You: ah.. Fuck..

I guess I said it loud enough to make the 3 boys in the room with me stare with wide eyes..
I looked over to them seeing that they all had a blue skirts on..

You: am I dreaming or are you guys wearing skirts?...

Midoriya: y/n!! Were so glad that your awake!.. But.. What do you mean blue skirts?

Iida: I think he meant the hospital gowns

Todo: it does looks like that were wearing skirts tho..

I then looked over to my body seeing I was wearing the same one..
I looked back at them confused..

You: so... Were gonna twirl around like princesses now?..

They all snickered before laughing out loud

Midoriya: geez y/n... Your joke beats todoroki.. Being the hand crusher and all

Todo: But I was serious-

Iida and Midoriya: Hahahha!!! HAND CRUSHER!!

Todoroki then sighed in annoyance as he looked at me

Todo: are you feeling better y/n?

I only shrugged as I put my hand over my forehead

You: I'm doing okay.. But the huge wound on my stomach doesn't say the same tho..

I looked up at the ceiling with my dull expression..

You: at least I got some shut eye.. But still tired tho

I then heard somebody come in the room.. I couldn't be bothered to look tho.. Since.. I was too mesmerized by the white ceiling..
But I did get a glance towards the people.. There was a Dog person.. And a sort of detective..
I shrugged as I went back on staring at the ceiling.. Seeing that it was more interesting than everything else here

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