passed down quirk [3]

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Y/n P.O.V

My eyes flickered open my eyes as I felt my body sweat and tremble..
I always wake up like this.. Whenever I have that dream about my parents..
I really never knew why body reacted this way but I didn't mind... Its quite a really often accurance but I still haven't gotten any clues of why I was acting like this... Well why my body was acting like this

It was a few months before the start of the Entrance exam in UA..
Should I be excited?... Or.. Happy?.. How do you express that again?
I thought as I went over to my bookshelf and took out a book that says "Face expressions 2.1"


Its been months and I could see some difference on Midoriya, on how he looks more fit and how he brings his mini dumbbells with him every so often..
I just guessed that he was preparing for UA

Same goes for me, I've been training non stop.. Even tho father wasn't there to help me I still managed to train by myself
But ever since a few months ago, father has been coming home more late than usual and he would come home in his weak form.. It was weird but I couldn't care less

But I did have a theory...
He might be training someone else other than me
I nod agreeing with myself as I waited for father to come back home


As the same as last time, father came home in his weak form again
As he walked by the living room, he saw me patting the kitten on the head as I blankly looked at him

All might: oh son, why are you still awake?

You: I was curious of why you always cone home late

All might: uhhh... Hero duties?

He said with a forced grin

You: spill it, or I'm deleting my photos on your phone..

All might: okay! I'm training young midoriya to be the next holder of all for one..

He said in a defeated tone as I lend him back his phone

You: good enough, I'm going to sleep

I said as I walked back up the stairs flopping on bed making me sleep instantly


At the gate near the entrance exam.. I stared up, looking at the large building in front of me

??: you know looking up like that will break your neck right?

I gazed went over to a tall (not as tall as you tho) black haired girl that stood beside me
I waved at her greeting her

??: not the type to speak too much aye? I'm Momo Yaoyoruzu!

You: y/n Yagi.. Its a pleasure to meet you

[In the corner of my eye
I saw midoriya trip, but lucky enough there was a girl that caught him]

I said more formally than intended, with a bow and all
Making a certain black haired girl blush slightly

Momo: no need to bow! Ahaha..

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