love Training? [11]

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[You can play the music while you read]
[It is merely a background music while the 3 of you train]


I sat on the rock as I played around with a normal sword that I summoned..
Its been a couple of minutes now, but Midoriya hasn't shown up yet, I should have said a specific time huh?

But then speak of the devil

Midoriya: Hey Y/n! Sorry for letting you wait! I ran into Kacchann and Todoroki, and they wanted to train with us too

You: sure, I won't complain even if the pomeranian joins us

Bakugou: What did you call me Bastard!????

I stood up from my rock as I looked at them with an intimidating glare making them flinch

You: let's train on our combat skills first, no quirks or weapons

I said as I dropped my sword on the ground which dissintigrated immediately, I spreaded out my arms

You: who would like to combat me first?

Bakugo: oh! It would be a pleasure!

He said as he sprinted towards me with a fist in the air.. But of course his punch didn't work since I dodged it and instead of him hitting me in the face, I pinned him down with both hands in his back

Bakugou: what the fuck!???

Midoriya: That was fast--

Todoroki: I agree

I stood up as I towered over the 3 boys

You: then let our training begin..


You: that's it Midoriya, now try aiming for the neck or gut so you can immobilize them for a bit

Midoriya: Hai!

You: Bakugou, try not to focus on much on killing your opponent, try thinking of strategies and techniques on how to defeat them faster

Bakugou: whatever soulless bastard

You: Todoroki, I suggest you use your fire side more

Todoroki froze as in he saw a monster
I tapped on his shoulder as to signal him to follow me

You: you 2 keep training, I'm just going to have a small chat with todoroki


Todoroki: why do you want to talk about my fire side? I already told you that I don't use it in battle

You: you are wrong on that point Todoroki, I already said that you have the potential but yet your still aren't using it.. Why aren't you even using your left side..

I said in a more of a demand voice to let him spill it
He eventually told me the whole story.. I just nodded in response

You: Todoroki

Todo: yes?..

You: That isn't your fathers quirk, its yours. Its your body, not his. You own yourself, you are your own being.. So don't let your father take that away from you

Todoroki just stood there wide eyed as he trembled slightly at my words

You: fight me todoroki, and prove to me that your fire side is yours and yours only

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