Villains and interns [19]

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[Okay.. By this point on, the plot will be (maybe a little) different from the plot in the anime]

[I hope you guys don't mind too much]
[I'll only be adding a few details from the original plot]

And BTW thank you so much for the 3k reads ヾ(='ω'=)ノ" thank you so much!!!

Okay back to the story!


3rd Person POV

[At the sports festival when Y/n was fighting Bakugou]

??: well well well.... Look what we got here.... I better tell All for one this new info..

He says as he dashes away from the stadiums sidelines..


All for one: So this is the boy? Who you think has the qualities of a villain?

??: yes.. I'm pretty sure we can be able to manipulate him quite quickly since he has a disorder called Alexithymia.. And plus.. I've known him to be one of those people that doesn't really enjoy his life.. Considering his lack of emotion

All for one: So your telling me that we should Kidnap this boy instead of Bakugou?

The young man nods as he gave All for one a sickening smile that almost reaches his ears..

All for one: I don't see the problem.. Okay, we will do such thing soon.. Tell Tomura that we will be changing plans such

He nods again his e/c orbs darts towards the door as he walks away


??: Hey shit head!!

He says as he threw the TV controller at his head

Tomura: What the fuck do you want v/n (any villain name)??

V/n: oh.. I just told All for one something that made us change plans..

Tomura: What did you tell master now?

V/n: some valuable information that might make our plans a bit more easier..

He crosses his arms as he gave the blue haired boy a sickening grin, in which he shivers at the sight

Tomura: Just stop fucking looking at me like that Fuck head, just tell me everything and I'll tell the others

V/n nods as he starts to tell him the new plan in which Tomura was quite fond off when he heard y/n's name in the picture..

Tomura: I like it

V/n: now go tell the others.. I still have some stalking to do..

He says as he puts on his hoodie and dashes out the window like his life didn't matter

Tomura: hmm.. Before we proceed to that plan tho... KUROGIRI!!.. Let's head out and find Stain the hero killer

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