Realization and Seniors? [33]

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Well...that was certainly a long vacation.. Tiktok has curropted me I'm so sorry TvT..
Enough wasting time tho let's start

[Don't play until I said so ty]

3rd persons view:

The two boys started heading to the destination of where Y/n told them about.. A bad feeling rose from their spines but decided to ignore it

Midoriya: I wonder where Y/n is?..

Bakugou: Do you think I know Nerd!?

They stopped as they started to here footsteps from not too far away..


Midoriya: Kacchan don't shout!

The figure then stepped out of the shadows, showing the one and only Y/n Yagi

You: calm down.. It's me

Midoriya: Oh! y/n-kun! I'm so glad it's you..

Bakugou: Enough with the sappy talk! Why did you bring us here soulless bastard!?

You: I want you guys to fight me...

Both the pormeranian and brocolli stood in their spots dumbfounded and shocked on his request

Y/n's POV:

You: So.. I'll give you guys the first blow-

Bakugou: Are you stupid or what!?

You: I consider myself quite sharp..

Midoriya: Y-y/n you really should think about this more rashionally.. And why would you like to fight both of us?

You: cause I know Bakugou won't stand a chance against me

As I said those words, the pormeranian started giving me a pretty nasty snarl.. In what I call a "you're gonna die" snarl..

Small explosions started to erupt from his hands as Midoriya tries to stop him from doing anything..

Midoriya: Wait! Before anything else.. Why do you even want to fight us?

I stayed silent for a few seconds.. Before I sighed while putting my hands in my pockets..

You: you really wanna know?

Midoriya: Of course..

I hummed in agreement as I stepped back a few steps readying myself for battle

[play now]

I smiled as I eyed them with one of my eye being covered by the darkness..

Midoriya: Y-Y/n?..

Your a mess tangled with your confidence
You think you haven't sinned....
Well you're unstoppable,
Your walls are impassible oh!

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