Tom and Jerry? [2]

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Time: 7:41 am
Destination: School
Day: (how many days you want lol)

I wrote in my notebook of "Days I've lived"..
Flipping to the other side of the book wrote "if I die, delete my history and please put The End at the last sentence I made"

Yes.. I know its out of character for me to search inappropriate stuff on my phone, but what else can a empty souless idiotic coward like me supposed to do at a times like this?

I sighed, making a cold cloud out of my mouth..
Walking to my school called "Aldera Junior highschool"
Not the fanciest names out there but at least its easy to remember.. I think..

I shrugged as I start to walk to my classroom.. But before I could step inside I can already hear loud yelling from non other than Katsuki Bakugo, I guess Izuku Midoriya is his victim yet again...

I stepped inside the classroom with my hands in my pockets as I went between the Tom and jerry.. Blocking jerry from the yellow haired tom

I stared at him with my soulless eyes

Bakugo: what are you doing soulless nerd?? Can't you see I'm trying to teach that nerd behind you a lesson???

I just stared at him as I leaned into Izuku's desk, that made Bakugo more angry, not just because that I were protecting Midoriya its because I don't really answer him back which annoyed the crap out of him

Bakugo: you fucking sh-!

He was interrupted by our teacher coming in
Saved by the torture demon herself..

Class went as usual until the teacher spoke up about UA, in which you just plugged out from your eardrums until you heard Bakugo scream that he would be the best and when the other student started picking on Midoriya since he was quirkless

I removed my gaze from the window and too Bakugo and the others
I snapped my fingers loud enough so they can hear me
Everyone shut their mouths as the looked at me curiously

I crossed my arms as I side viewed them, my bangs covering one of my eyes

You: I don't really get what you guys can win with all this insults towards a lower level.. He is quirkless I know that but is insulting and bullying him really a necessary thing to do?

I forced a smirk making everyones eyes go wide

You: don't you guys think your way worst than a villain? Just by ruining this boys mental health?

As I said that, everyone stopped there laughs and stood there shocked.. Well except for bakuhoe who stood there pissed
I then put my gaze towards the teacher in front.. Leaning unto my hand

You: and aren't you a teacher? Arent you suppose to teach children the rights? Other than the wrongs?..

I sit up straight crossing my arms again.. Making eye contact with them again but this time a little intimidating..

You: you should be ashamed of yourself for not standing up for your own student

As I finished.. I then gazed back to the window looking out at the scenery
I haven't really heard anything after that.. Just some murmurs and a scoffing yellow Pomeranian


Time: 4:30
Destination: home

I write in my notebook as I wait for Midoriya to pack up

Midoriya: hey y/n?

I closed my notebook as I looked at Midoriya

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