A dertermined Brunette [13]

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Y/n's POV

I was lying on my bed when I got a text from none other than Uraraka herself..



Hey y/n! What time do you want to meet each other later?

Let's meet at 9.. I still have to change my
Clothes to training ones

Change clothes?...

Is there a problem on changing clothes?

NO! Its just I thought of something else hahaha

And what was it?

See you later!!!!!

Uraraka is offline


I shrugged as I start to change into my training gear and packing my equipment for the coming up training

Maybe I should go easy on her since she's a girl
Or maybe not, it is training for the sports festival after all

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard father coughing to get my attention

All might: where are you going son? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the sports festival?

You: I am father, I am just training with my classmate for a couple of days until the event

Father then raised an eyebrow looking more intrigued

All might: so who is this 'classmate' son?

You: Uraraka Ochaco

Father then started jumping around while I just kept my natural demeanor, but I was confused at the same time on why he reacted in such way
He started to wipe an imaginary tear dramatically looking at me

All might: my son is growing up so fast!! I didn't know your taste was brunette angels son!!

I raised my eyebrow as to 'don't know what he was saying' expression

All might: now now don't worry about it too much son! You go on ahead and train! Ill be going out aswell so ill be leaving the kids to you

He says as he started to go to his room, I assume to change into work outfit
I merely shrugged as I started to head outside and to our meeting area


I saw the brunette waving at me from afar where I complied and started to walk towards her

You: are you ready Uraraka?

Uraraka: Y-YES!! Lets go!

The brunette started to walk ahead of me in which I just started following from behind
The walk was silent until I decided to break it

You: our conversation in the messenger earlier, what do you mean by 'you thought of something else'?

I looked at her expecting an answer but instead I was greeted by burning red face

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