Conflict between strong apponents [32]

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Before this starts I just wanna say

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Before this starts I just wanna say..

--screams-- Thank youuuuuuuuuuu
Okay back to the story :D

Y/n's POV

15 minutes already has passed and only a few of my classmates got in.. And I'm surprised that Bakugo haven't passed yet.. And... Midoriya..

If he only followed me.. He would have passed already.. I should really teach him of how to be a good boy and follow instructions..

Or maybe not.. He might start barking at me if I did... What would Midoriya look if he went Woof woof?...

Facepalming internally.. I started looking around...

So many already has passed...
I wonder if the others can actually pass at this point to be honest..


Well shit..
I'm talking to Midoriya if he didn't pass this damn exam..

Crossing my arms.. I looked up seeing the same big lip girl...

Okay.. I'm talking to her

Standing up, I started to walk towards her.. Reluctantly taking each step..
But then a hairy guy started talking to her, making me turn my direction

Not today, only one person at a time thank you..

But before I knew it, the doors burst open, revealing my remaining classmates.. Including Midoriya and Bakugo..
Relief washed over my classmates when they saw them..
I in the other hand just gave them a subtle thumbs up
Making a certain pormeranian pissed..

Sighing, I turned my gaze back to Todoroki.. Who was eyeing the Inasa guy again..

Did they have a couple conflict or what? They know that they can just talk it out right?..

Midoriya: Y/N~KUN!

I looked back seeing Midoriya, trembling slightly while holding up a broken chain.. Correction...
My broken chain..

I sighed as I put my hand on his head, making him flinch

You: That has no use now.. I can't control it when its damaged like that

Midoriya: I'm so sorry y/n...

You: its fine, just take my hint next time..

He nods as he looks at me..

You: why do I feel like there are hundreds off eye daggers stabbing me at the back of my head right now?

Midoriya: uhhh.... I don't know...

He said while his tone at the last word went higher than intended..

Something's up with my classmates, and its not because I'm Elsa's long lost brother..

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