better to worst in a few seconds [8]

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Y/N's P.O.V

You: can I help you?

??: oh its nothing.. I just came up here to have lunch.. Well not until I heard you singing.. My lunch was delayed a couple of minutes..

I bowed saying my apologies

You: my apologies, I didn't meant to waste your time

??: I'd say it was a time well spent.. Its like watching a one man concert on the rooftop, I couldn't be more honored to be the only one who watched it

He said as a small smile made its way to his face
I straighten my posture as I nodded in his comment

You: I thank you for your compliments.. But if you can escuse me.. Class will be starting soon and I don't want to be late

??: why in a rush? Your still 15 minutes early

You: I don't intend to waste my time talking when I have more important things to do

I said more sternly that I wanted it to sound
He raises his hands in defense

??: okay okay mr. Good boy, you are escused

I nodded and went pass him
I felt this eary aura near him but I decided not to put too much thought into it


I got back in the classroom
Midoriya and Uraraka told me all about what happened in the cafeteria earlier.. About everyone panicking over a simple alarm.... People...
And of course Midoriya giving his role to Iida which I completely ignored

I sat on my desk as I felt someone tapped on my shoulder making me look at the person who did it

You: can I help you Denki?

Denki: woah! You already know my name?

You: yes, from the group chat

He scratched his head in embarrassment... He might off remembered what he chatted last before I left... Which unfortunately I was added back, to which I completely ignored...

Denki: ohhhh hahah.. Wanna go home together later?

Really smooth denki.... Really....
I nearly slipped on how smooth that was is....

I internally sighed as I nodded in agreement

Denki: wait- really!??

His eyes lit up like a child receiving a toy from Christmas..
No.. He looks more like a Pikachu

You: sure why not.. I have nothing else to do

Pikachu then punched the air

Denki: Hell ye! I'm going home with the one and only Yagi y/n!!!

Maybe I shouldn't have accepted.....


I just stared blankly at the window.. When the yellow caterpillar started discussing about.. Going somewhere tomorrow?... I couldn't care to listen to it more..
Words I heard was 'going Somewhere'...'3 teachers'..and..'rescue mission...'

Well at least I can wear my hero costume again..
But... Why do I feel like somethings about to go bad...
Maybe its just me..

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