A Villains Disires [27]

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[Another long ass chapter lol]

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"Y/n... Wake up"

"Y/n wake up!"

"Y/n wake up dammit!!"

I was forcefully woken up by someone punching my face and grabbing my hair for me to look up at them..

V/n: Finally.. You were a heavy sleeper back in the day.. But I'm impatient.. So I have to wake whenever I like now..

I squinted my eyes as I looked up at the hooded man in front of me..

You: who are you?

I said in my same monotoned voice.. Still feeling unfazed by my situation..

V/n: oh.. I'll show you WHO I am...

He slowly took off his hood.. Making my eyes go wide... And making me tremble at my kneeled position

You: H-how?

F/n: ohhh... How funny that.. That's the first time I ever heard you stutter..

I stuttered?...

I looked back at him.. Going back to my natural demeanor..

You: Can you tell me how the fuck did you survive?

I said as I emphasized the 'fuck' more valiantly..
He then grabbed my chin making me look more up at him.. Seeing that the left side of his face was filled with black veins and ooze..
His left eye was a pure black making it look like a black hole..

F/n: tch.. I hate that you have your mothers pink eyes.. It disgust me

You: Don't bring mother into this.. Tell me why you brought me here...

F/n just snickered as he walked back going next to a covered chair in front of me..

F/n: Why not join us y/n? I know you would fit better as a villain.. And hell! You can be my sidekick too!

I furrowed my eyes as I eyed his e/c orbs.. With my pink ones

You: Now tell me why would I join the villains when I'm clearly wanted to be a hero..

F/n snickered once again but with more venom as he took off the blanket that was covering the chair..
Showing mother..

My eyes went wide
My skin turned pale
And my breathing hitched..

She was supposed to be dead..

But why is she here?..

F/n: Surprised huh?.. Thank All for one for bringing you dear mother.. Back to life..

You: but.. She's dead.. I saw her body in the coffin.. Same with yours!

F/n: I guess the dummies worked well in my favor..

My back straightened as I furrowed my eyes at my disgusting figure of a father...

F/n: Upset now aren't we?... Now.. We have to break you..

He then went closer to my tied up mother as he started stabbing her repeatedly as she let out gasp of pain

I struggle to try and help her but the chains on my arms were too strong for me to break through

I couldn't do anything but just watch my Own mother suffer in front of me while she slowly bleeds to death..
And then.. Her gasp of pain.. Ended.. Leaving her limp body to slump over the chair she was tied up in..

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