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The Racoon City Incident by Just_Simply_Asian
The Racoon City Incidentby Just_Simply_Asian
The first installment to Y/N's Resident Evil / Biohazard Story. Freshly out of the Police Academy, Leon and Y/n head to Raccoon City to meet the Raccoon City Police Dep...
Black Bulls Hope (Black Clover X Male Reader)  by Gale4Lifes
Black Bulls Hope (Black Clover X M...by ㄖҜ卂Ҝ卂
(Y/N). The most feared name among Magic Knight. The member of Black Bulls. Yami Sukehiro's apperantice. Come from other country just like his Captain. Although he came f...
{The Virus Called Purity} Dimitrescu Women X Male Reader by RainsFaller212
{The Virus Called Purity} Dimitres...by RainsFaller212
{The Virus called Purity} Dimitrescu Women X Male Reader WARNING: Vampirism, Violence, Abuse, Torture, Murder Disclaimer: -Any of the characters used are not created by...
SÄDÏSTÏC TŸPË [ OHSHC x MALE! READER! ] (OHSHC Fanfic) by AikoSunbarashi
SÄDÏSTÏC TŸPË [ OHSHC x MALE! READ...by Aiko_Sunbarashi
This book is a boy x boy fanfiction. If you are not a fan of that, please just get away from this book as far as possible. Edit: Hello there. Before you read this book...
𝙒𝙊𝙇𝙁 𝘽𝙊𝙔 [ ᴛᴜʙʙᴏ ] √ by MUSHR00M-B0Y
𝙒𝙊𝙇𝙁 𝘽𝙊𝙔 [ ᴛᴜʙʙᴏ ] √by [ Oliver ]
Tubbo X Male Wolf Hybrid Reader " I don't understand Phil " Tommy said looking at his father " What do ya mean ? " " How'd Tubbo manage to ge...
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕒 𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕕 |𝕂𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕪𝕒𝕞𝕒 𝕋𝕠𝕓𝕚𝕠 𝕩 𝕄𝕒𝕝𝕖 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣 by Voltron_shipper
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕒 𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕕 |𝕂𝕒𝕘𝕖�...by Calcium
"𝕪𝕠𝕦'𝕣𝕖 𝕒𝕟 𝕚𝕕𝕚𝕠𝕥" "𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣, 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕞𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕚𝕥" You and Kageyama started dating in middle school at the end of yo...
°Hide my Face° Ranboo x MaskMale!Reader by ItzNotAaron
°Hide my Face° Ranboo x MaskMale!R...by i don't know
Y/n Is a Minecraft streamer who always stream every day. He's insecure about his face. Afraid of everyone will be making fun of him. That's why he used a mask when he we...
The Cursed Hero (My Hero Academia X Inumaki Male Reader)  by Gale4Lifes
The Cursed Hero (My Hero Academia...by ㄖҜ卂Ҝ卂
(Y/N) Nakamura is cursed boy. That's what everyone thinks of him. Everything he says will be reality. Live alone after got abandoned by his sister. ...
𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚗𝚎 by TheGhostZombieThing
𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚗𝚎by 𝐆𝐡𝗼𝐬𝐭𝐙𝗼𝗺𝐛𝐢𝐞
"𝙼𝚘𝚖, 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎'𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚐𝚘..?" A little boy (you) gets left alone in a small apartment up to the age of five forced to take care of himself. "𝚆𝚑...
Multiskilled (Smp x male reader) by YeetusDeleteus666
Multiskilled (Smp x male reader)by RocketStyx
He may not be the fastest or the strongest. But he can build and fight, and that's all he needs. (Dream Smp x male reader) (Realistic Minecraft)
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Daughters x Male Reader by RainsFaller212
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Da...by RainsFaller212
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Daughters x Male Reader (Polyamorous Relationship) WARNING: Vampirism, Violence, Abuse, Torture Disclaimer: -Any of the characters used...
O N E // Stranger Things x Male Reader by DMPYNSYY
O N E // Stranger Things x Male Re...by DMPYNSYY
Badass powerful malereader meets some losers. Now its all about Eleven
ᴀ ɴᴏᴛ sᴏ ʜᴇʀᴏ {ᴍʜᴀ x ᴍ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ} by _MrGay_
ᴀ ɴᴏᴛ sᴏ ʜᴇʀᴏ {ᴍʜᴀ x ᴍ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ}by •ᵖʳᵒᶠᵉˢˢⁱᵒⁿᵃˡ ᶠᵃⁿᵇᵒʸ•
□Discontinued □ . ○𝚁𝚎𝚠𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚗 𝚅𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗○ "ⁱ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳ ʷᵃⁿᵗᵉᵈ ᵗʰⁱˢ!" - ʸ/ⁿ . . . {ᵃ ˡⁱᶠᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ "ⁿᵒᵗ ˢᵒ ᵖʳᵒ ʰᵉʳᵒ"} ʸ/ⁿ ʸᵃˢʰ...
New Message! | Jjk x Reader by iisxpacelslife
New Message! | Jjk x Readerby ♕ 𝐂𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 ♕
❝ So who are we gonna call? ❞ ❝ We should call Nanami, but honestly, I feel safer in jail ❞ Y/n has a strong wish to die, although only by the hands of a handsome man. T...
A Spark of Hope [BNHA x Male! Reader] by asdhfhddhgkff
A Spark of Hope [BNHA x Male! Read...by constant sad boi hours
A boy who can't express emotions and a class full of people who never stop- recipe for disaster or something romantic enough to make a fanfic out of? [helo u are readin...
Broken Spirit ( My Hero Academia X Male Reader) by THWithMFZ
Broken Spirit ( My Hero Academia X...by MFZ
All he needed was love, all he needed was a mother's hug, but instead he got daggers through his eyes. Life of (y/n) is not a pretty one, he was a normal child untill th...
Death Note X Male!Reader Hybrid (DISCONTINUED) by c411m3D4ddy
Death Note X Male!Reader Hybrid (D...by tHeTearDr0ps
A Death Note x Male!Reader Hybrid story. Please Vote and Comment. Enjoy! (LxMaleReader, MelloXMaleReader, NearXMaleReader, (can be) LightXMaleReader, LXLight) !WaRnInG! ...
𝐂𝐔𝐑𝐒𝐄𝐃 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 - 𝐘𝐔𝐉𝐈 �...by エレン・シンプ
You loved him and he loved you but something was getting in the way of you both he was like the devil himself, they both wanted you but who would win you over. . . . .? ...
Graceful Butterfly (Kanae X Male Reader) by MrNexy7
Graceful Butterfly (Kanae X Male R...by Yeet
(Y/N) lost his family by the hands of a demon, because of that he vow to protect humans from them. But his journey isn't what he thinks to be as he discovers more about...
A Magical Moment BNHA X Male Magician Reader Book 1 by Ilamesa101
A Magical Moment BNHA X Male Magic...by Insert name here
You are the son of the greatest magician in the world. Giovanni Zatara, he wanted you to carry out his family business but you insisted in becoming a hero instead. So yo...