half hot half cold is an understatement [6]

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The battles were intense..
But the only thing that got my eye was Midoriya's and Bakugo's battle..
It was more instense than the others.. I can't lie it was quite..... Satisfying to watch..

[I wouldn't be putting the battles since you guys already know how it went :)]

Aizawa: Yagi, its now your turn, start heading up to the battle ground and give the weight wrist to your apponents

I nodded as I start to walk over to 2 boys
One who had multiple arms and another one who had candy cane hair

You: you must be my opponents for today.. Aizawa~sensei told me to give you this to make this more fair..

[This is only for the fanfic-- some parts won't actually follow the actual plot of the anime]

I said as I hand the wrist weights to the 2 boys

Candy cane: okay good luck being the hero, we won't hold back

The candy cane said with a cold voice
Which I just replied with a nod

The 2 boys started to head inside as I stayed outside thinking of a plan and waiting for my signal to start..


All Might: AND START!!!

I start walking inside..
But as soon as I started to head to the stairs, the walls and ground started to turn into ice..
I then summoned a fire sword so that the ice won't reach me..

You: half cold half hot huh? I'm not surprised

I said as I made a line of fire making a non iced pathway for me to walk through

--The other students--

Kiri: woah! That's so manly of y/n!

Ashido: mannnn I still wonder why he's still single!

Tsuyu: he must had some intense training to avoid a fast attack like that kero

All might: I am so proud of you my boy, I guess your training was worth it

--back to the battle--

I was now on the second level..

You: I guess the bomb is on the 3rd.. I should think of a plan...

I walk to the 3rd level where there was the candy cane man and the octupus man..
I spread my arms like a hug, gesturing to them that they should do the first move

And like I predicted the octupus man charges at me in full speed

You: perfect

I then summoned an ice sword followed by a fire one..
This made the candy cane man's eyes wide.. I only ignored him and rushed towards the octupus man
When we were close enough I jumped and did a full spiral on the air and doing a flip while giving him a huge gash on his back with the ice sword which froze him in the process

When I landed.. I looked at the candy cane man with one of my eyes covered making me look more intimidating..

You: half cold half hot is kinda an understatement... I think there is more in you that you don't see

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