Our Hero names and Exams [24]

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What's up the author is still alive!
Okay back to the story--
Edit: well fuck I forgot to put the Hero name thingys huh?..... I'll try and squizing it here...
Hehe.. Don't mind my forgetfulness


Y/n's POV

Everything went on quite... Similar to be honest for the last 5 days..
I mostly slept for the most of it..
But the 5th day wasn't so sleepfest since Momo kept bugging me to study..
Rip my whole day sleep record..


I groggily stretched as I made my way inside the classroom..
I slept like shit last night.. Considering I slept on the floor when I first stopped into my room.. My body gave up on that point and I didn't appreciated it one bit..
My back was a soar thumb..
I'm not even sure if I still have braincells in this brain of mine left
And I'm pretty sure I look like Ass too to everyone he-


I was luckily snapped out of my trance when I heard a flick of a finger at my face
I looked at the person who did it.. Only to see Bakugou towering over me

You: good morning Bakugou

I said in my natural Monotoned voice

Bakugou: What the fuck! You've been spacing out for 5 minutes now! And you look like shit too!

Karishima: you mean hot as fuck

Bakugou: Shut up shitty hair!!

Kami: Cmon now bakugou! Just look at the guy! He looks like a prince from a fairy tale when his hair's like that!... Minus the eyebags tho.. Well.. He does still look cool with eyebags

Mina: And the glasses too! Talk about RaWR!!~~~~

I scanned my face with my hand finding the.. Glasses that Mina was talking about on my face...

Father... You really had to do that when I'm so out of it...

I sighed as I grabbed a textbook in my bag.. Too try somewhat if I can learn anything by the time the exams starts..

Bakugou: Are you ignoring me Soulless bastard!???

You:.. Yes.... Yes I am..

Bakugou: YOU SON OF A--

Aizawa: Sit down or I'll double your exam Bakugou

Saved by a yellow caterpillar..

Aizawa: Now everyone.. Before we start the actual exam.. We will be having to create your he-


Everybody's eyes went wide when they saw midnight came through the door with her very... Kid friendly.. Hero suit..

Some guys even started blushing and looking away while some only stared with thirsty disires..
In which I facepalmed..

Midnight: Okay! All of you will pick Hero names that you would think fit you quirks!! Think wisely now since you will be using that name for the rest of your hero lives!!

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