leaders [7]

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Day: I don't know I lost track
Time: 7:45 am
Destination: school
Reason: torture


Y/n's P.O.V

I walked towards the gate when I noticed a bunch of people blocking it

One of I assume a reporter saw me and proceeded to come closer..
I didn't want to be rude but at the same time, I don't want my time wasted

Reporter chic: hey kid! How does it feel to be All might's student?

Too late I guess

I just blankly stared to the lady.. Which made her uncomfortable

Reporter chic: hey kid! Did you hear my question?

I just stared.. Until someone grabbed my arm and dragged me out of there

You: thanks Iida

Iida: anytime Yagi~kun


I walked in the classroom with Iida..
But as Iida opened the door.. A grenette ran towards me, bumping making us both fall

I scratched my head as I looked at Midoriya

You: are you alright?

Bakugo: You fucking nerd!

Midoriya: I'm s-so sorry y/n!! I-i d-d-didnt meant to fall on y-

I covered his mouth as to shut him up

You: you say sorry too much

I said as I stood up and started walking toward my desk
More.. Stares..


Aizawa stood in front talking about class representatives...
I couldn't be bothered to care
I'm pretty sure that I won't get any votes since I'm practically the symbol of laziness..

After that, Aizawa returned into his yellow cocoon.. I soon followed after falling asleep on my desk..

You: dad, mom told me that you should take your pills now

Father slapped the medicine bottle from my hand and unto the floor

Father: I told you... I...don't..need...it...

You: but father, the doctor sai-


I fell as I felt my head hit the concrete ground.. Looking up, I felt my nose was dripping crimson liquid.. Which I presume was blood..


I slowly stood up, but before I could balance myself.. I was harshly grabbed by my collar and was pushed against a wall with a loud thud, making me loose my breath..

Father: you think your the boss of me kid?? I can kill you right now!!

I don't blame him for acting like this.. Dad has a disorder that makes him go through different personalities.. And if not treated in time.. He can become psycho like right now..

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